Beauty Horoscope It's Aquarius Season

It’s the age of Aquarius! Born between January 21st and February 19th, this zodiac sign is known for their freedom-loving nature, creativity and forward-thinking mentality. It’s time to share some birthday love for the free spirit of the zodiac! We’ve rounded the best Nail Wraps to wear according to the zodiac sign. Here’s your beauty horoscope, Aquarians!


Aquarius personality traits

Rebellious, creative and unconventional – the star sign Aquarius is considered an individualist. Instead of following well-trodden paths, he likes to take a spontaneous turn and fearlessly goes his own way. Many Aquarius-born people do not like constricted circumstances and entrenched structures. They enjoy their freedom far too much. 

Aquarius likes to be alone


Not only do they enjoy being alone quite often. Aquarians actually need their freedom like the air they breathe. No surprise! The element of this zodiac is air. This often confuses people, because most associate the zodiac sign with the element water. Aquarians usually need plenty of me-time to recharge and to feel in touch with their soul and emotions. A great way to recover from energy draining activities is by giving your hands and nails some well deserved TLC

Think outside the box

Aquarians get bored easily. This is why they regularly take on new projects. Breaking new ground makes them feel alive.

Thus, people born under the astrological sign of Aquarius can sometimes appear erratic to others. The Aquarius simply wants to devote his time and energy to things that really excite him. For this reason, their life rarely runs in a straight line, but in many zigzag lines. Aquarians prefer variety and inventiveness to security and, above all, stagnation. The zodiac sign likes to express his enthusiasm for constant change through his style.

Aquarians are trendsetters

This star sign is not looking to blend in. When it comes to beauty and styling, an Aquarius likes to march to the beat of his own drum. The creative zodiac sign prefers to develop an individual style rather than to follow latest trends. Of course, he also reinvents himself again and again style-wise. One day they might gravitate towards bold colors, the next day neutrals are a big thing.

Manicure for Aquarius season

Stylish "mix & match" nail looks perfectly suit the creative nature of the zodiac sign. With more than 100 Nail Wrap designs in our shop, it’s easy to create a jaw-dropping manicure that fits your uniqueness. Here are some of the best Nail Wrap designs for the water bearer:

“Salt Water”

Aquarius might be an air sign, yet many Aquarians feel a strong connection with the color blue. Our design “Salt Water” is for you, Aquarians. To keep your manicure a little funky, pair the beautiful blue hue with a pretty accent nail.

"Melt For You"

With our Nail Wraps "Melt For You", Aquarians can express their love for unexpected twists. The delicate color gradient is reminiscent of a sky in pastel colors – a manicure that is fit for the air sign.

"Oh My Gold!"

Speaking of air and sky – transparent Nail Wraps like "Oh My Gold!" are perfect for creating creative manicures with pretty overlays. And since Aquarians are known to go their own way, they will love unique nail looks that are anything but boring. How about a funky mix and match with a bold color like “Petrol Velvet”? During Aquarius season, anything goes!

Happy Birthday, Aquarians!