Beauty Horoscope Aries

Between March 21 and April 20, people born under the zodiac sign Aries celebrate their birthday. Here's your beauty horoscope, birthday peeps!

The zodiac sign Aries heralds the arrival of spring. Just as dynamic as the month of April tends to be, Aries is also known for its passionate nature. No surprise! Fire is the element of Aries. 

Aries love adventure

And thus the life of this zodiac sign is pretty exciting quite often. Spending much time at home? Nope, an Aries seeks for adventure. When it comes to sports, Aries like to push themselves to the limit. Whether high up in the mountains or on the water for surfing or kiting – most Aries need the thrill. 

Fearless and straightforward – an Aries speaks his mind

In private life and even in their professional environment, people born under this zodiac sign are typically quite fearless. They tend to speak their mind unfiltered and can therefore cause a stir. Since the powerful planet Mars rules Aries, their sometimes somewhat coarse manner may be forgiven. After all, the red planet stands for passion, but also for aggression. And besides: If you value an honest opinion and courage, you will gladly accept the not always pronounced diplomatic skills of this energetic zodiac sign. 

Bright colors suit the courageous nature of the Aries

For most Aries, the joy of adventure runs like a thread through many areas of their lives. When it comes to beauty and style, many Arieses fearlessly go their own way. Striking shades like red or pink, daring combinations or even sometimes eccentric looks – Aries people wear the most eye-catching looks with an impressive self-confidence. That's why it doesn't make much sense to try to sell the latest trends to this star sign. Aries will wear what they feel like.

Show off your bold side

However, these birthday kids still like to be inspired. The zodiac can be very enthusiastic about things that ignite his fire. They also love fiery colors when it comes to makeup and manicures. From bright red lipstick to a cool color blocking look, the zodiac sign likes to stand out. Here are some Nail Wraps that are likely to suit the zodiac's taste.

Nail Wraps Poisoned Apple for an alluring manicure



With their seductive color gradient, the Nail Wrap Poisoned Apple suit the passionate mind of the Aries. This ombré look for the nails is at least as exciting as the next adventure the Aries will soon plunge into. A burgundy lipstick with a velvety matte finish goes great with the alluring nail look. Speaking of matte, these Nail Wraps look particularly sophisticated with our matte Top Coat.

Nail Wraps Marbleous Black – seductively beautiful nails



The combination of black base and precious gold applications makes the Nail Wraps Marbleous Black a seductive statement nail look. Combined with Black Velvet, this design is equally a treat for the eyes. Add a sexy black eyeliner and deep black mascara to perfectly complement your manicure.

Pink Burlesque – pink glitter nails for stylish Aries beauties



Last but not least, here are our Nail Wraps Pink Burlesque. The radiant pink beautifully sparkles on the nails, making them a stylish eye-catcher. The design perfectly matches the beginning of spring. With pink lip gloss and a touch of blush, this sparkly nail look is wonderfully rounded off.

We wish all the birthday babes all the best – and lots of exciting adventures, of course. Don't forget to post photos of your nails on Instagram and tag them with @miss_sophie_official and the hashtag #MissSophieLove 💅🏼!