Beauty Horoscope Cancer

Hard shell, soft core – with this saying, many people with the zodiac sign Cancer can most likely relate. Although one could metaphorically interpret the hard shell of Cancer as a protective armor, this zodiac sign of all signs is considered particularly sensitive, emotional and downright motherly caring.

What’s typical for the zodiac sign Cancer?

Their sensitivity makes people with this zodiac sign pleasant and compassionate fellow human beings. However, they may sometimes find it difficult to set boundaries and tend to attach themselves too much to the problems of others. Here is where self-care is essential. If you find yourself not taking care enough of your own needs frequently, build in regular time-outs and do whatever feels good to you. A refreshing foot soak perhaps, yoga, or a fun getaway.

Zodiac sign Cancer – sensitive but cheerful natures 

The moon rules the zodiac sign Cancer and water is its element. Water symbolizes compassion, profundity, but also transformation. And being a summer zodiac sign, Cancer is not lacking in joie de vivre, despite the tendency to self-sacrifice for others. The zodiac sign likes to express this joie de vivre and versatility through its styling. 

Dreamy, romantic and yet edgy

A tendency to dreaminess and a sense of romance are typical for the zodiac sign. And yet, the dreamy Cancer may surprise you when it comes to beauty and style. Manicure-wise, this could mean spicing up a classic mani with a particular twist by adding a stylish accent nail or using a matte Top Coat for a cool finish. 

Nail Wraps for the Zodiac Sign Cancer

The zodiac sign Cancer is often said to have a pure heart. Hence, innocent colors such as white, pink or delicate pastel shades suit these sweethearts wonderfully. We can see these Nail Wraps on your fingernails, dear birthday babes:

Nail Wraps "Pink Donut" for cute Ombré Nails



Many people born under the zodiac sign of Cancer are as sweet as a delicious donut. Our "Pink Donut" Nail Wraps are a wonderful match for the loving aura that surrounds them. With our matte Top Coat, this nail design immediately looks a little less romantic, but even more stylish and fashionable. Cuteness factor 100 with a cool twist.

Summery nails with the "Waikiki Babe" Nail Wraps



As already mentioned, our birthday kids are cheerful people. With our "Waikiki Babe" Nail Wraps, they wear their joie de vivre on their nails. The colors white, pink and blue wonderfully match the zodiac sign. Whether for the beach or as a colorful manicure for a cute and summer dress – anyone who craves the ultimate summer vibes will love this nail look. Aloha!

“Dream Island" Nail Wraps for the Holiday Manicure



Since people with the zodiac sign Cancer usually love water, they certainly feel at home on a dreamlike island. But what if the vacation in paradise still has to wait awhile, but you're definitely ready for the island? Let us bring the island feeling to you! Our Nail Wraps "Dream Island" conjure up a refreshingly beautiful summer mani. Anyone who feels as deeply connected to the element of water as the zodiac sign Cancer, will love this nail look.

We wish all birthday kids a wonderful new year and lots of fun with your new nails. Which Nail Wraps will you order this summer? Tell us in the comments!