Beauty Horoscope Gemini


The zodiac sign Gemini celebrates its birthday between May 21st and June 21st. Here is your beauty horoscope!


Things certainly don't get boring anytime soon with a Gemini in your life. Just like a refreshing spring breeze, Geminis like to effortlessly waltz through life. At times here, at times there – life has so much to offer, why just stick to one place? Their behavior isn’t a surprise at all, because just like the creative and always bustling Aquarius, this zodiac sign is also ruled by the element air.

Characteristics Gemini – communicative and captivating


Geminis are considered to be strong communication pros. Their ruling planet is Mercury. Among other aspects, this planet stands for communication. Voilà! Due to their busy nature, many Gemini often catch an interesting glimpse beyond their own horizons. With this open minded manner many Geminis not only approach others, but also new situations. Yep, a Gemini quickly adapts to a new situation. 


This characteristic and also the distinctive communication skills make Gemini-born people rousing personalities. Sometimes, however, people born under this zodiac sign might seem a bit erratic to others. But with their charming nature, Geminis wonderfully compensate for this trait.


Beauty tips for Geminis


When it comes to beauty and fashion, there are two pillars that often characterize the Gemini's style: A sense of lightness and variety. Springtime colors, playful patterns, and eye-catching accessories fit right in with this zodiac sign's lively disposition. Manicure-wise this means that their nail look is rarely kept strictly classic. A Gemini loves a nice twist.


Nail Wraps for the zodiac sign Gemini


Ombré Nails in pastel colors are a perfect match for the zodiac sign. With its delicate gradient colors, this gorgeous nail trend beautifully combines the lightness of the element of air and the variety that the zodiac sign loves so much. Beauties, we can imagine these gorgeous Ombré Nail Wraps on the fingernails of our birthday kids:


Nail Wraps Rose Baby Boomer for romantic spring nails


The delicate pink color gradient of the Nail Wraps Rose Babyboomer spreads spring-like joie de vivre. These cute ombré Nail Wraps are the romantic counterpart to our classic Nude Babyboomer – a wonderful choice for any occasion. Whether for a wedding, for the next vacation or for everyday life – this ombré design is always a fantastic choice. Those who like a more personalized mani, can pair the nail design with a transparent overlay like our dreamy Nail Wraps Boho Chic. With a matching blush and lipstick in soft pink, this beautiful manicure is perfectly complemented.


Nail Wraps Melt For You – like Bubblegum & Cotton Candy


Our Nail Wraps Melt for You are so pretty, you'll just want to melt away. The beautiful color gradient from pink to light blue is reminiscent of cotton candy or the evening sky of a balmy spring evening. In addition, this nail look captures the element air wonderfully. Thus, this ombré manicure is a match made in heaven for all the amazing Geminis out there. This manicure is also a great choice in summer, as the cute pastels gorgeously enhance your summer glow.


Over The Rainbow – playful Multicolor Nails


As already mentioned, Geminis dislike boredom. They love to bring variety into their everyday life, for example with extravagant details that give their look a particular touch. Our Nail Wraps Over The Rainbow fit right in with the zodiac sign's approach, because these soft Multicolor Nails conjure up a manicure that is anything but boring. With our matte Top Coat, the nail look gets a velvety and extra stylish finish that comes along just as unexpected as many ideas of the Gemini.


We wish all the birthday babes a wonderful new year and are looking forward to seeing photos of your nails with our Nail Wraps on Instagram. Use the hashtag #MissSophieLove and tag @miss_sophie_official. Happy Birthday, Sweethearts!