Beauty Horoscope It’s Pisces Season

Pisces celebrate their birthday between February 19th and March 20th. Here is the beauty horoscope with some stylish manicure ideas to match the zodiac sign. Happy Birthday!

Before the winter is about to come to an end, there's a good reason to celebrate. The last weeks of the cold weather season the zodiac sign Pisces celebrates its birthday. And with these friendly souls, we particularly love to celebrate on their special day. 

Star sign Pisces – characteristics and personality traits 

Pisces are known for their kind and sensitive nature. Whoever needs help, gets it. Pisces to the rescue! In addition, Pisces shy away from conflicts and tend to take a back seat. Due to their modest and peaceful character, Pisces are often popular as pleasant partners and friends. Their harmonious and well-balanced nature makes them ideal conciliators and mediators. 

Vulnerabilities of Pisces-born people

However, people with this endearing zodiac sign must be careful that their good nature is not exploited or taken for granted. Thus, the importance of setting boundaries plays an important role for many Pisces. 

The Element of Pisces

But how can you set boundaries when your favorite thing to do is float through the water? Water is the element of the zodiac sign Pisces, how could it be any other! Their planet is Neptune. This blue shining icy giant stands for spiritual experiences, universal love and for the expansion of the mind – but it can also seduce to reveries. And this is what the Pisces likes to indulge in.

The color of the zodiac sign Pisces

Blue is the color of the zodiac sign Pisces – no wonder with Neptune as their planet and water associated as their element. In color psychology blue stands for gentleness, inner peace, calmness – but also for distance. So if they feel like they need a time out, Pisces can swim off and stay away for a while. However, these time-outs are to be given to the always helpful and compassionate Pisces-born people.

Manicure for the zodiac sign Pisces


Blue eye shadow, a blue kohl eyeliner and and a refreshing aquatic fragrance go wonderfully with their beauty routine. When it comes to nail art, a great motto for this zodiac is "50 shades of blue"! Blue in all imaginable hues is just made for Pisces. 

Our blue Nail Wraps help Pisces style their fingernails to match their water element.

Nail Wraps Starry Night – sparkly blue nails


Our glamorous Nail Wraps Starry Night perfectly match the dreamy zodiac sign Pisces. The sparkling Nail Wraps look beautiful as a full set but also as an accent nail to designs like Magic Carpet or Night Sky.

Into The Blue – light blue Nail Wraps


The Nail Wraps Into The Blue add a refreshing pop of color to your beauty look. Paired with ombré Nail Wraps Melt For You or the limited edition design Vitamin Sea, you can create a gorgeous "mix & match" look.

Marble nails with Midnight Marble


If you're looking for a manicure with a particularly elegant touch, you'll love our Nail Wraps Midnight Marble. The dark marble look is the perfect choice for special occasions - or when you want your manicure to jazz up a casual outfit. Use our matte Top Coat to give this fascinating manicure a velvety and smooth finish.

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