Beauty horoscope Taurus


The Taurus may seem imposing, sometimes even hot-tempered. But if he’s not annoyed, he is a gentle giant. People with this zodiac sign are often well-balanced, peace-loving, they do cherish their goods and feel comfortable in their safe space at home. They treasure safety – and they are true pleasure seekers.


People born under the zodiac sign Taurus love nothing more than to enjoy the beautiful things in life with all their senses. Whether he’s enjoying delicious food while exploring Bella Italia or a romantic dinner on the balcony with nice music and candlelight – this zodiac sign celebrates the sweet il dolce far niente like no other. No surprise, since Venus is the ruling planet over Taurus.

Earth is the element of the Taurus  


Anyone who has indulged in pure pleasure with a Taurus can certainly attest that this unrepentant indulgence is a fiest. But you better not disturb the Taurus. Because then he can also make it quite clear that he feels disturbed and scratches with his hooves on the ground. Speaking of the ground! The element of the zodiac sign is earth. Probably for this reason, they feel particularly comfortable in nature and can form a deep bond with plants, animals and the elements.


Sensuality meets nature – the beauty motto of the zodiac sign



The beauty motto of the Taurus is "sensual and natural". Flattering earth tones or radiant spring colors, floral fragrances with delicate earth or grass notes, high-quality cosmetics with natural ingredients such as our luxe Hand Care and natural styles in lively hues are perfect for the nature-loving bon vivant.


When it comes to beauty and style, there is never a dull moment with this zodiac sign. Just like the seasons are constantly changing, a Taurus also enjoys variety – but not too eccentrically, please. After all, Taurus is also the zodiac sign of spring and in the merry month of May, nature explodes and shows itself in its full glory – and so does our beloved Taurus.


Manicure for the zodiac sign Taurus



As an earth sign, Taurus feels particularly connected to the earth, but sees itself as part of nature rather than a visitor. Our Nail Wraps Star Sign beautifully complement the typical "thinking outside the box" mindset of the Taurus in a playful way. If you like to connect with the universe sometimes or look for star constellations in the sky, you'll love this magical nail look.


Sophisticated and sweet – the Nail Wraps Strawberry Cheesecake 



We have already mentioned that Taurus intensely enjoys and delights in beauty of any kind. The Nail Wraps Strawberry Cheesecake are a fantastic match for these connoisseurs. As sweet as a creamy strawberry cheesecake and as dazzling as precious diamonds. Typical Taurus!


Nail Wraps Vintage Roses – natural and romantic



The successful mix of a base in a soothing earth tone and romantic rose design make the Nail Wraps Vintage Roses a pretty accessory for spring. These dreamy Nail Wraps also look pretty when paired with monochrome designs like Sweetheart or Cozy Cashmere.

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