Beauty Horoscope Virgo

Those born under the zodiac sign of Virgo celebrate their birthday between August 24th and September 23rd. And we celebrate with you. Actually, much more: we celebrate you! Because no matter where a Virgo appears, they enrich the daily lives of others with their thoughtful and gentle nature. Not to mention their diligence and intelligence. Let's take a closer look at the zodiac sign. 

Zodiac sign Virgo – curious and structured

Full of curiosity, they explore life. In doing so, a Virgo is often guided less by its intuition than by its sharp intellect and logical conclusions. This clear structure paired with gentleness often makes Virgo-born people very pleasant and popular fellow human beings.

The fact that the Virgo is typically perceived as grounded and clear-headed may also be related to the element and planet that rule the zodiac sign. Mercury is Virgo's planet and represents communication. Earth is its element. It stands for calmness, down to earth and confidence. At times, people with the zodiac sign Virgo can tend to approach things a bit heady. Dreaming is rather alien to a Virgo.

The typical Virgo colors gray, brown, green and beige match their lucid intellect. Colors for the zodiac sign Virgo. Virgos can liven up their look with fresh colors like white or silver. Also, delicate patterns give their sometimes uncompromisingly clear style a pleasant pinch of lightness. Bright colors, glitter and subtle patterns also suit the delicate aura that surrounds Virgo.

Nail Wraps for the Zodiac sign Virgo 

A manicure in neutral colors complements the essence of the zodiac sign Virgo quite wonderfully. Nail Wraps that lighten up the earthy energy a bit while reflecting their gentle nature fit the Virgo vibe perfectly!



Nail Wraps "Classy Copper"



With a neutral base and stylish metallic details, the "Classy Copper" Nail Wraps are a perfect beauty match for the zodiac sign. With these Nail Wraps, you'll be out and about with flawlessly beautiful nails all year long.

Nail Wraps "Strawberry Sundae" 



Stylish swirl nails are the ultimate manicure trend of the year. Our Nail Wraps "Strawberry Sundae" from the Summer Collection "Scream For Ice Cream" bring the trendy nail look onto your nails – and with their delicate colors, they go wonderfully with this gentle zodiac sign. However, this gorgeous Nail Wraps design is limited and in great demand. Don't hesitate too long! 



Nail Wraps "Milky Way"



The aura color of Virgo is often described as royal blue. The lush blue hue is said to embody the clarity of the zodiac sign. Our blue Nail Wraps "Milky Way" conjure up mysterious-looking ombré nails and clearly match the intelligent and straightforward image of the zodiac sign Virgo. With a matte Top Coat, the manicure looks extra stylish.

We wish all birthday kids a wonderful new year and lots of magic for another round around the sun. Cheers!