Brand new: Nail Wraps for Pedicure


As soon as the temperatures rise, and we finally slip back into our favorite sandals and the beautiful bathing weather beckons outside, our feet also get more attention again. Those who have put off pedicures until now, can lean back and relax. Just in time for summer, we are launching our Nail Wraps for toenails. Hooray!

Hello, happy feet!



With our Nail Wraps for pedicure, your feet will finally get the ultimate beauty update, too. In terms of application, this new beauty must-have is no different from our classic Nail Wraps for manicure.

Just prep your toenails, clean the natural nails, choose a proper size for each toenail, stick it on and fix it with our Top Coat and enjoy perfectly manicured toenails for up to two weeks. Bye, bye, chipping nail polish and expensive pedicure appointments at the salon. 

Ten pretty pedi colors to wear on your toes



Sweethearts, it gets even better. From now on, you can match the color of your pedicure to your manicure with our Nail Wraps. Or do you prefer creative looks and color blocking? It's up to you! Ten of our classic Nail Wrap designs for manicure are now available for your toes. Here you go!

Toe Nail Wraps "Very Berry"

Summer, sun and long party nights – our Nail Wraps "Very Berry" for pedicure can't be missed if you're looking for the ultimate summer feel. The radiant berry tone enhances your summer glow, but flatters every skin tone equally. Whether as a pedicure for your beach vacation or as a sexy statement in the city – with these Nail Wraps, a flirty vibe is guaranteed.

French chic – Nail Wraps "Paris Je T'aime" for your toes

Red nails always look amazing. Always! Our much sought-after Nail Wraps "Paris Je T'aime" are now available for the toenails, too. The rich red hue adds a touch of Parisian chic to your beauty look – timeless elegance for any occasion. Oui, oui! All you have to do to complete your look is to apply the matching lipstick and off you go!

Nail Wraps "Burgundy" – rich red for your toenails

As engaging and full-bodied as a fine red wine – our Nail Wraps "Burgundy" are extremely popular for a good reason. Finally, our bestseller is also available for pedicure. The color is preferred by many in fall, but it's a true all-rounder all year-round. Why? Because this hue goes great with any skin tone and also looks super classy on the toenails with glamorous high heels or pretty sandals on your feet.


Nail Wraps "Sugar Babe" for perfectly groomed toenails

Nude nails are just your thing? We totally understand! Because elegant, understated looks are a pretty strong statement, if you ask us. Everyone who likes classic nail looks will love our Nail Wraps "Sugar Babe" – on the fingernails and on the toenails. In summer, the powdery shade intensifies the sun-kissed complexion. Kiss, Kiss, Babes!

Hot and spicy – Nail Wraps "Lipstick Red" for your toes

Do you like to be the center of attention and love to receive compliments and admiring glances? Then, our Nail Wraps "Lipstick Red" for pedicure have the best chance of becoming your new favorite pedi design. The bright red makes your feet a sexy eye-catcher. This one is a genuine and alluring all-rounder for every season. 

Coral-colored nails with our Nail Wraps "Coral Crush"

Your biggest crush in our product range are the Nail Wraps "Coral Crush''? Then you'll love to read these news: Your favorite design for your fingernails is now also available for your toes. Whether on a balmy summer night, at the lake or by the pool – staying cool is not easy with this hot shade on your nails. But therefore the hotness factor sits at 100. At least 100!


Romantic pedicure with the Nail Wraps "Sweetheart"

The feel-good nail design par excellence? Our beautiful Nail Wraps "Sweetheart". The name says it all: The dreamy pink hue warms the heart in a charming way, and it simply suits every season, every occasion, and it also flatters every skin tone. Those who love romantic colors, will fall in love with these Nail Wraps, for sure.

Nail Wraps "Cranberry" for a summery pedi

Yay, our Nail Wraps "Cranberry" are finally available for your toenails, too. They provide the perfect vacation feel all year-round. With this crisp shade, you're guaranteed to draw attention wherever you go. It is impossible to be overlooked with this stunning hue on your toes. But that likely never happens anyway, right? Roar!

Peachy toenails with our Nail Wraps "Apricot Tree"

The perfect pedicure for sunny days? Our enchanting Nail Wraps "Apricot Tree". The soft peach shade looks simply gorgeous on your toenails and creates a wonderfully well-groomed look. It reminds us of a sunny day spent lounging on a picnic blanket in the shade of an old apricot tree. A glass of rosé, freshly picked apricots, a nice book and the buzz of bees in the air. Magnificent!

Nail Wraps "Ever Nude" for a subtle pedicure

Our Nail Wraps "Ever Nude" lie on the toenails like delicate silk and ensure an irresistibly beautiful and flawless look. The color enhances a sun-kissed complexion and gives your skin that magical glow. This beauty is always the perfect choice when "less is more" is your personal beauty motto. 



So which Nail Wraps will complement your pedicure? We are excited to read your feedback here in the comments or on Instagram or Facebook!





For the launch of our Nail Wraps for pedicure, we are giving away a fab set. It contains: 

  • Matching Nail Wraps for manicure and pedicure: Coral Crush, Cranberry and Sugar Babe
  • Base Coat and Top Coat Glossy
  • Nail Wrap Remover and Glass Nail File

To enter the sweepstake: Comment below your favorite design of our new pedi Nail Wraps. 

The raffle ends on June 20th, 2022 at 11:59 pm. To increase your chances of winning, you can also visit our social media channels.

We wish you good luck!

  • S
    Stefanie Naundorf on 17.06.2022

    Mein Favorit verry Berry, dicht gefolgt von Sugar Babe.

  • K
    Konstantina Gkava on 16.06.2022

    So happy to see this new product!
    It will certainly be amongst my next purchuse.

  • B
    Beatrice Ludwig on 16.06.2022

    Juhu, darauf hab ich gewartet! 🤩 meine Zehen strahlen wohl bald in coral crush oder very Berry ☀️

  • A
    Andrea Schwarz on 16.06.2022

    Ich finde die Folien super schön, für den Sommer Coral Crash – für den Winter Burgundy.

  • E
    Elisa Cecchini on 16.06.2022

    Coral crush

  • K
    Kirsten Scheil on 16.06.2022

    Coral Crush 💋 liebe ich schon so lange . Los geht’s- lass die Sandalenzeit beginnen und zeigt eure Füße. Perfekt für mich !

  • F
    Franziska Lutterbach on 16.06.2022

    Cranberry 🥰