Brittle Nails? 5 Tips To Prevent Your Nails From Breaking


Dry hands, brittle nails and tender cuticles – winter can be pretty harsh on our fingertips, skin and hair. When the temperature drops outside and indoors heating systems dehydrate the air, our skin and nails can dry out. Long showers with hot water additionally strips away natural oils and add to the problem. 

In winter, our hands could really need an appointment with the cosmetician. But don’t worry, you don’t have to leave the house to prevent your nails from breaking. Just give your hands some well deserved TLC. Here’s how you can pamper your nails.

  1. Brittle nails – check your vitamin levels

Nail changes can have health-related causes. If your nails have been noticeably sensitive or constantly splintering, ask your physician to do a blood test in order to check your vitamin and mineral levels. A vitamin or mineral deficiency can cause brittle nails. 

Before you stock up on nutritional supplements, a blood test should be done first. 

Often a healthy and balanced diet makes dietary supplements superfluous. Also dietary supplements should not be taken without an existing deficiency. Often, however, the nails split because environmental influences harm them.

  1. External causes that can damage your nails

Contact with cleaning products like detergents or harsh polish remover, pressure or dry air can damage the natural nail. So what can we do to protect our nails from external influences?

  • Don’t shower or bathe for too long
  • Wear gloves when you’re doing the dishes or cleaning
  • Use Hand Cream to boost moisture levels and to heal cracked skin and nails
  • Apply Nail Oil daily and massage it into cuticles and natural nails
  • Use acetone-free nail polish Remover like our gentle Remover
  • Always file the natural nail from the outside to the center 
  • Never file back and forth across the nail tip
  • Use a high-quality Glass Nail File that does not roughen the nail

  1. Best products for dry and brittle nails

Base Coat and Nail Wraps built a protective layer and prevent water and cleaning products from being absorbed from the natural nail. Pamper your nails and cuticles after removing the Nail Wraps with our gentle Remover:

  • Use our nourishing Nail Oil with shea butter and a blend of luxurious plant oils to the natural nails and cuticles and gently massage it in. Apply it before bedtime and let it work overnight.

  • Apply our moisturizing Hand Cream with organic argan oil after handwashing or sanitizing your hands – and of course whenever your hands or nails feel dry and flaky. Don’t forget to clean your nails with our Remover before you apply a new set of Nail Wraps.

  1. DIY-Hack to strengthen brittle nails

This Hack is so simple and yet so effective: To protect your nails from water or cleaning products, seal off the edge of your nails with our Base Coat or Top Coat. Let it dry and then repeat. This trick really is a game-changer.


  1. Opt for Nail Wraps instead of Acrylics

Before applying our Nail Wraps, the natural nail doesn’t need to be roughened with a buffer and the Nail Wraps do not damage your nails. Make sure to remove them properly with our gentle Remover and never peel them off. If you have particularly sensitive or uneven nails, we recommend to apply our Base Coat before you stick on the Nail Wraps. The Base Coat protects and strengthens your natural nails and evens out the nail.

We wish you much success in implementing these easy peasy tricks for beautiful and healthy fingernails!