CREAMY COLLECTION Hello, spring nails!


Soon we’ll be switching our fluffy winter coats for pretty dresses and warm boots for cute sandals. Time to give your manicure an update and get your fingertips spring-ready – the warmer weather is just around the corner.

From soft pastels to fresh hues and glitters – our new and limited „Creamy Collection“ with eight gorgeous nail looks will leave you perfectly happy during this magical season, nail addicts! And happiness is a big deal during the pandemic, isn’t it?

Research and studies have shown how different colors affect the mood. With its oh so pretty spring hues, our „Creamy Collection“ will boost your mood immediately. You can’t buy happiness? Well, here’s the proof that you can!


Apricot Tree – flawless spring nails

What goes better with sunny skies than a gorgeous mani with a fresh pop of color? Our gorgeous spring look „Apricot Tree“ screams springtime. The vibrant hue complements any outfit and looks great on every skin tone. Grab your picnic blanket, get some fresh and juicy fruits from the Farmers Market and a bottle of your favorite Rosé and show off those gorgeous apricot nails! Time to enjoy the sweet weather, beauties!


Minty – a fresh new spring mani 

Spring is the time of lively and bright colors. Our new nail wraps „Minty“ satisfy your mint ice cream cravings – stylewise of course. The soft and fresh pastel shade is the perfect hue to embrace springtime. It looks flattering on all skin tones and is the ultimate nail look for a fresh twist on your mani. Don’t be afraid of a multicolored nail look! For head-turning candy nails, pair „Minty“ with other spring colors like „Apricot Tree“ or „Lavender Fields“.


Lavender Fields – bonjour, springtime

The name says it all – „Lavender Fields“ takes you straight to the south of France, where the blooming lavender paints the farmlands purple in summer. The pastel purple hue is an instant mood and style booster and a great way to welcome the warmer weather. Who said we have to wait until summer to sport pretty summery shades like this lovely violet? For an extra pop of color, wear this cute nail look with soft colored nail wraps like „Minty“.


Spring Feelings  – subtle nail art

Upgrade your nude nails with our stylish new nail wraps „Spring Feelings“. Thin stripes and dots of silver foil paired with the transparent base make this design your go-to look if you’re rather a minimalist kind of mani girl. Playful, stylish and elegant – cool kids, this eye-catching yet subtle design is for you!


Rose Dust – glam up your spring mani

You love our glitter nail looks „Golden Dust“ and „Diamond Dust“ but in spring you’re craving a little bit more color? „Rose Dust“ has it all! This glamorous nail look is the spring version of our festive nail wraps in silver and gold. With its soft fading sparkle and pop of color, „Rose Dust“ will leave you perfectly happy this spring! For an extra flirty beauty look, match your lipstick with your nail look. Kiss, kiss!


Milkshake – spring-ready ombre nails

Ombre nail lovers, this design is for you! „Milkshake“ is a spring-ready ombre mani that will turn heads and give your mani a cool update for warmer days. The soft pastel violet is

smoothly graduating into the creamy white hue and it reminds us of a delicious blueberry milkshake with vanilla ice cream – basically everything we crave for on a warm spring day. If our design „Nude Babyboomer“ is your number one go-to nail look, you will love this one, too!


Silver Brush – chic nails for fashion girls

Nude and silver work beautifully together – a classic that never gets out of style. The artfully applied silver embellishments make „Silver Brush“ a sophisticated nail look with an edgy twist. The subtle yet eye-catching nail wraps pair amazing with silver accessories like silver rings and bracelets. The design flatters every skin tone and gives your mani a cool and fun vibe. „Silver Brush“ is a dazzling spring design that takes your mani game to the next level!


Creamy – glossy spring nail

What we love the most about pink? It’s one of the most versatile colors and looks flirty, cute and chic at the same time and you can wear it on any occasion. „Creamy“ is a soft and milky pink hue that perfectly matches those beautiful cherry blossoms and tulips in the park. We’re pretty sure that this cute design might become your number one go-to look this spring. Wear a full set for a classic nail look or channel your inner artist and pair „Creamy“ with other nails wraps like „Pearly“ or „Pink Burlesque“. Your nails, your choice!

We hope you love our „Creamy Collection“ as much as we do. Which one will you pick?


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We keep our fingers crossed for you!

  • E
    Esther on 18.06.2021

    Rose Dust und Spring Feeling gefallen mir am besten :-)

  • I
    Ina on 22.04.2021

    Minty und Rose Dust schauen super aus 😊

  • C
    Carina on 22.04.2021

    Cream, Lavender Fields und Spring Feelings finde ich besonders schön 😊

  • N
    Nora S. on 22.04.2021

    Da habt ihr euch wieder wirklich schöne Farben überlegt 🤩

    Ich finde rose dust und apricot tree wirklich hübsch 🥰

  • E
    Eleonora D. on 22.04.2021

    Am besten gefallen mir Apricot Tree und Spring Feeling 🤩💕🍀

  • C
    Christiane on 22.04.2021

    Na das ist ja wieder eine wunderschöne Kollektion geworden!! 😍

    Mir gefallen Rose Dust und Creamy am Besten!

  • L
    Line on 22.04.2021

    Minty & Spring Feelings 🤩

  • S
    Svenja on 22.04.2021

    Spring Feelings und Rose Dust sind einfach Must Haves 💞😍

  • V
    Viviane on 22.04.2021

    Schwierige Entscheidung aber Apricot Tree ist auf jeden Fall mein Favorit 😍

  • C
    Christina Fielhauer on 22.04.2021

    Creamy finde ich wunderschön :)

  • D
    Daniela Gröger on 21.04.2021

    Lavender Fields und Milkshake

  • M
    Marleen on 21.04.2021

    Am besten gefällt mir Milkshake :)

  • M
    Melanie Beyer on 21.04.2021

    Rose dust und milchshake ❤️❤️❤️

  • S
    Steffi on 21.04.2021

    Rose Dust sieht toll aus 😀

  • S
    Steffi on 21.04.2021

    Minty und Lavender Fields sind toll!

  • S
    Samira on 21.04.2021

    Rose Dust ist einer meiner Lieblinge 💕😍

  • N
    Nóra Lilli on 21.04.2021

    Rose Dust for sure :)

  • S
    Silke on 21.04.2021

    Silver Brush 😍

  • A
    Ann-Christin on 21.04.2021

    Rose Dust sieht einfach super aus 😍

  • R
    Romy on 21.04.2021

    Ich finde Apricot Tree, Spring Feelings und Creamy wunderschön. Tolle Farben 🥳💕

  • F
    Franzi on 21.04.2021

    Minty ist toll :)

  • S
    Simone on 21.04.2021

    Apricot Tree und Rose Dust sind meine Favoriten 🥰

  • T
    Talena on 21.04.2021

    Finde alle super schön, aber Milkshake besonders 😍

  • H
    HUSSON Valérie on 21.04.2021

    Rose dust is wonderful !

  • N
    Nadja on 21.04.2021

    Rose Dust ubd Apricot Tree funde ich sehr schön.