DIY Foot Soak With Fresh Pine Needles

The Christmas bustle is over and finally it’s time to unwind the mind. A soothing foot soak is a great way to recharge. Your feet deserve some TLC after all the exhausting Christmas activities – and so does your soul. 

Benefits of a foot soak:

  • The warm water promotes relaxation
  • Relieves cold feet immediately and can improve sleep quality
  • Perfect before a DIY pedicure
  • Promotes muscle relaxation
  • The scent of natural ingredients increases the well-being

Recipe for a relaxing DIY foot soak


For our seasonal DIY foot soak, we’ve picked natural ingredients you're sure to have at home during the holidays.

  • Fresh pine needles
  • Sea salt
  • Oil like almond oil or olive oil

How to prepare the foot soak

  1. Pluck about a handful of pine needles from a branch and chop them with scissors. 
  2. Put the needles in a pot with about two liters of water, bring to a boil and steep for ten minutes. Strain the brew through a sieve.
  3. Fill a wide bowl with warm water and add the pine needle brew and one or two tablespoons of sea salt.
  4. Add a few drops of oil like almond oil or olive oil to the soak. While the oil will float on top of the water without an emulsifier, your skin will still love the nourishing effect it provides.

Practice mindfulness

When you’ve mixed all the ingredients, gather everything you need close at hand: a towel, maybe a warm tea, a good read, your manicure and pedicure set. Maybe you even want to light a scented candle before you immerse your feet in the warming soak.

To enjoy this relaxing ritual, it’s best to put your smartphone out of reach. Enjoy the scent of the essential oils from the pine needles and the pleasant feeling of warm water – this is what mindfulness is all about.

DIY Pedicure after the foot soak 


After about ten minutes, dry your feet, gently push back the cuticles and trim your nails if needed. For well-groomed feet, you can pamper your feet with our care products like the luxurious Nail Oil with shea butter and our Hand Cream with argan oil. Simply massage a few drops of Nail Oil into the cuticles and leave on overnight. 

For soft skin, warm a small amount of Hand Cream in the palms of your hands and massage it into the skin in circular motions. Now slip into your cozy winter socks and enjoy the holidays. Good relaxation!