FALLING FOR YOU COLLECTION Make your nails stand out this season!

When the leaves are changing in fall, so are your nails! It’s time to skip those cute beach hues and summer dresses and opt for cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice latte and manicures in autumnal hues and designs. With our new Fall Collection „Falling For You“ your manicure stays seasonal, too!

Celebrate this special time of the year with eight beautiful new designs for your fingertips. From classy, trendy, floral, artistic and modern to cute and playful –  you’re bound to find the perfect fall manicure!


Shades Of Autumn – magical & moody

Purple nails are a seasonal classic. Shades Of Autumn turns your fall manicure into a mesmerising work of art. The stunning watercolor design captures that mood when the air is foggy and the evening sky turns purple. This design looks great with lovely jewelry like a delicate gold ring and purple lips. Kiss, kiss!


Grapevine – burgundy red meets pearly finish

Just like purple and dark green, burgundy is one of the fall favorites. What looks even cooler than a classic burgundy manicure? Burgundy nails with a pearly finish! Embrace the new season with our stunning new design Grapevine! Elegant, sophisticated and oh so stylish!


Falling For You – bright berry nails

This autumn, the radiant design Falling For You with its rich berry tones turns fingernails into a beautiful accessory. Who can resist this look? A must-have for all girls!


Beige Tartan – Brit-Chic, darling!

The Check is one the most wanted patterns and definitely a fashion classic. Especially in fall this famous pattern appears quite often. With Beige Tartan, Miss Sophie brings the popular brit-look on your nails this season. Give your nails that little extra somethin’-somethin’!


Scottish Kilt – from Scotland with Love

Another stylish look inspired by the Style of the United Kingdom is our new must-have of the season: Scottish Kilt. The radiant red brightens up even the foggiest autumn day. Look no further, if you’re on the lookout for a unique fall manicure! To make your seasonal beauty-look extra stylish, put on a red lipstick and enjoy pumpkin season and fall foliage!


Aubergine Purple – oh so glamorous

Glam up your nails with our new stunning nail wraps Aubergine Purple. The design was inspired by the unique beauty of agate gemstones. We promise, it takes your manicure to the next level. Shades of purple and a touch of glitz make this stunner the ultimate up-to-the-moment nail look for all the fashion girls out there. Keep shining!


Autumn Vibes – countryside bliss

Dreaming of a lovely weekend in the coutryside? No problem. Miss Sophie’s super cute fall look Autumn Vibes brings that country bliss on your fingertips. The delicate floral design radiates that magical Indian Summer spirit we all love so much. Those romantic autumn blooms will keep your nails looking lively and on fleek.


Dancing Leaves – artsy nails in fall

Who doesn’t love this season when nature takes on various shades of orange, red, yellow and purple? Dancing Leaves is a unique up-to-the-moment nail look that will leave artsy fashion girls perfectly happy. The cheerful design brings that lovely autumn atmosphere on your nails. A unique and cool nail-look for unique and cool ladies!


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All you have to do is tell us which of our Fall Designs is your favorite in the comments until October 7th, 2020 at 23:59.

We keep our fingers crossed for you!

  • B
    Bine on 06.10.2020

    Aubergine Purple 😍

  • S
    Silvie on 06.10.2020

    Grapevine und falling for you gefallen mir sehr gut! Klassisch schöne Herbstfarben aufgegriffen und mit liebevollen Extras zu etwas besonderem gemacht.
    Mit dem Design dancing leaves liegt ihr total im Trend der abstrakten Nagelkunst!

  • C
    Christina on 06.10.2020

    Shades of autumn 😍

  • S
    Sarah on 06.10.2020

    Die sind alle so schön. Meine Favoriten sind bisher Aubergine Purple und Shades of Autumn. 🥰

  • L
    Lisa on 06.10.2020

    Aubergine purple ist der Knaller

  • P
    Patrizia Felfernig on 06.10.2020

    Autumn vibes

  • L
    Luisa on 06.10.2020

    Autumn vibes ♡

  • N
    Natalia on 06.10.2020

    Autumn Vibes ist der Hit, aber Shades of Autumn ist auch irre schön

  • M
    Manuela on 06.10.2020

    Grapevine sieht toll aus!

  • M
    MAnuela on 06.10.2020

    Grapevine ist wunderschön!

  • A
    Andrea Schwarz on 06.10.2020

    Ich finde Grapevine einfach super edel & schön… 👍

  • M
    Madita on 06.10.2020

    Mein Favorit ist Autumn Vibes ☺️
    Wieder einmal eine wunderschöne Kollektion!

  • S
    Sanna Hell on 06.10.2020

    Aubergine Purple 😍😍

  • S
    Sanna Hell on 06.10.2020

    My favourite is aubergine purple because it is so elegant and yet cosy and gives fall vibes. Best of all worlds 😍

  • S
    Sabine on 06.10.2020

    Kompliment… diese Collection ist wieder sehr gelungen 👌🏼🤩. Shades of autumn und Aubergine purple sind beide so wunderschön… Love it! 🥰

  • G
    Gabrielle on 06.10.2020

    Für mich gibt es zwei Designs an erster Stelle:
    - Scottish Kilt – Maniküre inspiriert vom Schotten-Look
    - Beige Tartan – Brit-Chic für die Nägel
    Ich werde diese beiden Designs absolut bestellen, weil die einfach für mich entworfen sind 😍💕

  • B
    BEate BUchberger on 06.10.2020

    Autumn Vibes und Grapevine sind meine Favoriten der neuen Kollektion.

  • C
    Cristina on 06.10.2020

    Aubergine Purple and Autumn Vibes

  • R
    Romy on 06.10.2020

    Falling For You und aubergine purpel sind meine Favoriten, sind aber alle wieder superschön!

  • K
    Kristin on 06.10.2020

    Ich liebe die Designs Autumn Vibes und Dancing Leaves😍🍂🍁

  • K
    Kim on 06.10.2020

    Autumn Vibes ist mein Favorit!
    Aber toll sind sie alle❤️

  • K
    Kim on 06.10.2020

    Autumn Vibes ist mein Favorit!
    Aber toll sind sie alle❤️

  • T
    Tamara on 06.10.2020

    Die erste Kollektion, in der ich wirklich alle schln finde aber Shades Of Autumn ist mein Favorit.

  • T
    Tamara on 06.10.2020

    Die erste Kollektion, bei der ich wirklich alle schön finde aber Shades Of Autumn ist mein Favorit.

  • N
    Nicole on 06.10.2020

    Beige tartan – absolut toll 😍 passt auch zu meinem Tuch und Poncho 😍
    Aubergine purple und dancing leaves haben mich such verzaubert!