"French Kiss Collection" 8 Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs To Fall In Love With


Whether you’re single or in a relationship – February 14th is the perfect day to create a romantic beauty look. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with beautiful nail art? Our "French Kiss Collection" with eight romantic nail art designs is here to sweeten your day. From cute glitter hearts, cheeky kissing lips nails to alluring sparkling nail looks – with these gorgeous Nail Wraps you will get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day in an instant! 


Flirty Valentine's Day manicure – Lipstick Jungle

Our Nail Wraps "Lipstick Jungle" are nothing short of flirty. With tiny kissing lips, this playful manicure pays homage to the day for lovers. If you want to wear your flirty mood on your nails, then this cheeky nail art ist for you. If you prefer a more subtle V-Day mani, pair it with a monochrome design like "White Chocolate“. Kiss, kiss!

Red glitter nails – Hot Stuff

Whether you want to celebrate your glorious singlehood or plan a glamorous beauty look for a date with your loved one – with our sparkly Nail Wraps “Hot Stuff” you’re sure to turn heads. This nail design also looks great as an elegant overlay over monochrome Nail Wraps. Simply irresistible. Flirt factor: 10!

Red French manicure – Love Tips

What’s the most classic manicure of all time? French tips, if you ask us. Our stylish Valentine’s Day design “Love Tips” is a modern take on the traditional French manicure. Skip the white tips, beauties. On Valentine's Day, we wear red. Love is in the air!


Modern nail art for Valentine's Day – French Kiss 

Why wait for summer when you can experiment with bold colors all year-round? French tips are incredibly versatile. There are countless ways you can have fun with this nail trend – our Nail Wraps “French Kiss” are the best proof. If you love color blocking, then this modern and playful nail look is for you. This Valentine’s Day manicure is 0 % tacky but 100 % stylish!

Romantic V-Day nails – Heartbreaker

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for a fresh set of nails. If you’re a fan of romantic traditions but want to add a little fun to your mani game, then you will fall head over heels with our Nail Wraps “Heartbreaker”. This cute Valentine's Day nail art gives your fingertips the perfect amount of sweetness. For a more subtle V-Day mani, pair it with our classic nail look "Rosewood Love".

Valentine's Day statement nails – "All The Single Ladies"

Being single on Valentine's Day can be tough – or extra fun, when you appreciate all the benefits of being single. You can travel whenever you want to, you can flirt 24/7, you can freely do what makes you happy, you can sleep in (no snoring that affects your beauty sleep). Long story short: not having a significant other doesn't mean you can't find fulfillment.  


On February 14th you can practice self-love or share love with all  your loved ones. Our design "All The Single Ladies" is dedicated to all the gorgeous singles out there. The pretty design also looks great when paired with our Nail Wraps "Hazel Brown". Your perfect match for Valentine’s Day! 

Crystal healing manicure – Rose Quartz 

Give your nails a magical update with our insta worthy design "Rose Quartz". The beautiful pink-hued crystal is known as the stone of unconditional love, compassion, self-love and protection against negative energy and pollution. It radiates love, peace and calm vibes. Surprise your loved one on Valentine’s Day with this romantic manicure – and fall in love with your rose quartz nails!

Sexy Valentine’s Day manicure – Ruby Red

Red nails will never go out of style. With the crescent detailing across the nail bed, “Ruby Red” is a subtle yet alluring nail look. The striking red hue represents passion and love and it looks oh so seductive on your fingertips. If you’re a mix & match kind of mani lover, pair the gorgeous design with our classic Nail Wraps "Paris Je T'aime". Bisous!


Order your French Kiss Set

You've fallen head over heels in love with our "French Kiss Collection" and can't decide on just one design? Easy does it. Order our "French Kiss Set" and receive the complete Valentine's Day Collection. If you plan to celebrate V-Day with your friends, this set is the perfect addition to the party. The “French Kiss Collection” is available from January 19th at 12 pm in our shop.

Giveaway – sharing the love

To celebrate the launch of the "French Kiss Collection", we’re raffling off an amazing V-Day Giveaway. Comment your favorite design from the “French Kiss Collection” for a chance to win one of two sets. The win contains:

  • the complete “French Kiss Collection”
  • Base Coat 
  • Top Coat glossy 
  • Glass Nail File
  • Nail Wrap Remover

The competition ends on January 19th 2022 at 23:59 pm. Good look!


  • S
    Svenja Benzenhöfer on 24.01.2022

    French Kiss

  • M
    Manuela on 24.01.2022

    Ich finde French Kiss und Heartbreaker besonders toll 🥰🥰🥰

  • K
    Kerry on 20.01.2022

    Hot Stuff my favourite

  • S
    Sina on 19.01.2022

    Rose Quartz ist mein Favorit, einfach mal was schlichtes, aber trotzdem auffällig. 🥰

  • B
    Beatrice on 19.01.2022

    Oh la la, da hab ich mich doch ein bisschen in <> und <> verliebt 💕

  • K
    Kerstin Hoffmann on 19.01.2022

    Meine Favoriten sind Hot Stuff, Love Tips und French Kiss.
    Eine super tolle Kollektion! Bin echt begeistert!

  • T
    Tina on 19.01.2022

    Ich finde die alle Zucker! Mein absoluter Liebling ist aber “all the single ladies”…

  • A
    Alexandra Sperlhofer on 19.01.2022

    French Kiss Collection ! Schaut spitze aus!

  • L
    Linda on 19.01.2022

    Heartbreaker gefällt mir sehr 🥰

  • I
    Ina on 19.01.2022

    Hit Stuff ist toll! Sexy und romantisch :)

  • J
    Jessica on 19.01.2022

    All the Single Ladies ist mein Favorit

  • J
    Julia on 19.01.2022

    “All The Single Ladies” und “French Kiss” sind soooooooooo schön!!!

  • C
    Christina Fielhauer on 19.01.2022

    French Kiss ist mein absoluter Favorit, wobei alle Looks so schön und passend zum Tag der Liebe sind❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • P
    Patricia on 19.01.2022

    Mir gefällt das Design der Nagelfolie ’French Kiss’ am besten. Sie sieht sehr edel und stylisch aus; genau das, was ich mir zu meinem Valentine’s Outfit vorstellen kann. 😍

  • S
    sophie Luneau on 19.01.2022

    Hi There! I am Sophie and I am French
    I loooove Miss Sophie and French kisses ;)
    I wish I have enough fingers to exhibit this glamorous French Kiss collection, love them all ! Congrats :)

  • T
    Tina on 19.01.2022

    Mir gefällt Ruby Red am besten. Solche silbernen Umrahmungen mag ich sehr gerne. :-)

  • K
    Katja on 19.01.2022

    Hot stuff ist wirklich der absolute Hammer ❤️

  • J
    Jennifer Wolf on 19.01.2022

    Liebes Miss Sophies Team,
    Wir als Familie nutzen in 3 Generationen die Folien.
    Wir sind begeistert von Rosequarz!
    Da haben wir 4 die gleiche Meinung 🥰
    Grüße Familie Wolf

  • J
    Jackeline on 19.01.2022

    Ein wunderschöne Kollektion 🤩
    Kann mich nicht wirklich zwischen Ruby Red und Heartbreaker entscheiden, aber ich glaube heartbreaker liegt ein bisschen vorne :D

  • A
    Anita on 19.01.2022

    Meine Favorites sind French Kiss und all the small Things .

  • J
    Jennifer Wojnarowicz on 19.01.2022

    Am besten gefällt mir “French Kiss”, wobei die Entscheidung echt schwer ist, da alle diesmal mega sind.

  • T
    Telke Becker on 19.01.2022

    Heartbreaker sieht einfach toll aus, mal was anderes. Aber die ganze Kollektion ist der Hammer 😍😍😍

  • A
    Anja on 19.01.2022

    Mein Favorit Hot Stuff🥰, dicht gefolgt von French Kiss 💕

  • B
    Biba on 19.01.2022

    RUBY RED ist der Farbknaller! Absolut aktuelles Design und gleichzeitig klassisch & elegant. Auch die anderen sind ein echter Hingucker!

  • G
    Gitti on 19.01.2022

    Mein Favorit ist Hot Stuff. Ich finde die Kombination aus Transparenz und Rot mega toll.