Fruity Nail Art for summery Nails

The first strawberries at the fruit counter are probably the yummiest heralds of the approaching summer. Not to mention watermelons, peaches, cherries ... mmmh! We are already heavily in summer mode. So why not ring in the warm season? With these cute Fruity Nails, which you can easily conjure up on your nails with our Nail Wraps, summer is close at hand.

Here's an easy DIY tutorial for what might be the cutest summer mani of the year. Vamos!

Must-haves for our Fruity Nails:

Step 1 – Prepping your nails



Prepare your nails for the new nail design by carefully pushing back the cuticles. Then clean your fingernails with our gentle Nail Wrap Remover. If your nails are rather uneven or very sensitive and brittle, you can apply our Base Coat as an evening and strengthening foundation first.

Step 2 – Apply the first Nail Wrap design



Apply our Nail Wraps Coral Crush in the center of the clean and dry nail as usual. Then firmly smooth out the Nail Wraps. Make sure that no air is left under the Nail Wraps. Then carefully file off any excess. 

Step 3 – Cut the second Nail Wrap design to size



Use the nail scissors to cut out a heart shape from the Nail Wraps Jade Green. The best way to do this is to cut out the heart while the Wrap is still attached to the backing paper. If you find it easier, you can first draw the heart with a permanent marker and then cut it out.

Step 4 - Apply the second Nail Wrap design



Now apply the heart-shaped Nail Wraps to the edge of the nail so that the heart is virtually upside down. Then again, gently file off any excess of the Nail Wraps with our Glass Nail File. 

Step 5 – Painting on the dots



Now paint small dots on the Nail Wraps Coral Crush with a black permanent marker. These dots are supposed to be the small seeds of the fruit. Better start with fewer dots. You can always add more later. 

Step 6 – Seal the Nail Wraps



Yay, you are almost there! In the final step, the nail design is sealed with our Top Coat. This makes your lovely Fruity Nails long-lasting, and you can enjoy your beautiful manicure for up to 14 days. Have fun with your pretty fresh summer nails, Gorgeous!

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