Get ready for the Festival Season

While in the USA the Coachella Festival is considered to be THE music event of the year, festival fans in Germany head for events such as the Lollapalooza in Berlin, the Superbloom Festival in Munich or the Indie Festival Appletree Garden in the tranquil town of Diepholz. Thousands of techno fans are drawn to the small town Garbicz in Poland, near the border, to become one with nature at the Garbicz Festival's finest techno line-up. 

Whatever festival you're dancing at this summer, a stylish festival style like a hippie-era inspired boho style or a futuristic outfit will make the summer event even more fun. And if you're skipping the festivals this summer, you can still capture the feeling of this particular season. With our stick-on tattoos, for example. Tattoos? Yes, babe!



Stick-on tattoos to get the festival style



Why get a tattoo when you can quickly stick on your favorite motif? Our metallic tattoo set "Imagine Infinity" captures the magical vibe of a festival summer. Pretty motifs like arrows, the infinity symbol or cute little stars show you the way to the summer of your life.

The tattoo set "Love and Peace" contains arrows and the infinity symbol, as well as the peace sign to stick on. A strong statement, because we all wish for peace more than ever in Europe and for the rest of the world.

Our Nail Wraps "Milky Way" match the tattoos nicely. The ombré nail design with blue gradient combines futuristic flair with a touch of boho chic. 100% stylish!



Stick-on tattoos for your summer vacation



Your personal festival is taking place somewhere on a beach this year, and you're still looking for the matching accessories to make the getaway even more beautiful? How about our metallic tattoos "Around The World"? Motifs like palm trees, airplanes, an anchor and a cute swallow to stick on enhance the vacation feel. 

If you are still looking for Nail Wraps for the summer vacations, you will find plenty of pretty beach-inspired nail looks like our summery design "Dream Island" in our shop. 



Boho style metallic tattoos



You are the ultimate festival queen and a chic maxi dress, ankle boots and hat are your festival favorites styling-wise? As a true boho girl, you will love our metallic tattoos "Indian Summer". The Set contains tattoo motifs like feathers, the Hindu deity Ganesha and the protective hand of Fatima. 

With our transparent Nail Wraps "Boho-Chic", you can round off the festival look beautifully. The nail design can also be worn as an overlay over solid colored Nail Wraps. Match the color of your fingernails with the colors of your outfit and off you go!

We wish you a wonderful summer, with absolutely good vibes only. Cheers!