Get your mani vacay ready!


According to a study, many Germans are particularly drawn to the North Sea and Baltic Sea, Italy, the Balearic Islands, Greece, and the Bavarian Alps this year. Croatia, Turkey, and Austria also rank among the most popular destinations. We have picked out the matching Nail Wraps for some top travel destinations. After all, a manicure that matches the location simply rounds off the vacation feel perfectly. Happy Holidays!

North Sea and Baltic Sea – Nail Wraps “Vitamin Sea” & “Saltwater”




This year, the coasts of Germany are particularly popular. No wonder! Instead of flight chaos and heat, long beaches and a fresh breeze beckon. Style-wise, maritime colors like white, red, and blue perfectly match the seaside spirit. 

And on your nails? Our Nail Wraps "Vitamin Sea" and "Saltwater" are the perfect match for the refreshingly cool salt water that keeps you cool up north. As a mix & match, this salty duo is simply unbeatable!

Italy – Nail Wraps “Iced Coffee” 




Where does the cappuccino taste better than anywhere else in the world? In Bella Italia, of course! Instead of recommending you a manicure in the colors of the Italian flag – green, white, red – we see our ombré Nail Wraps “Iced Coffee” as this summer's trend look for anyone headed to Italy this season. 

We think of an iced coffee in a rustic bar in a narrow alley somewhere in Bari, in the very south of the country. In the morning, the old town is already filled with a pleasant hustle and bustle, and the scent of fresh espresso fills the air. After breakfast, it is time to go to the beach, where at noon the next iced coffee is enjoyed in a beach bar – and a delicious slice of pizza. Mamma mia, oh what a life!

Those who enjoy a manicure in the colors of the Italian flag, can easily create the colorful Bella Italia inspired nail look with our Nail Wraps “Marshmallow”, “Petrol Green” and “Too Hot For You”. Baci!

Balearic Islands – “Dream Island” Nail Wraps



Hola! Whether Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera or Mallorca – the Balearic Islands are always worth visiting. The Spanish islands remain one of the Germans' all-time favorite destinations. Who's surprised? Delicious tapas, beautiful beaches, crystal-clear water and either pure tranquillity or exciting nightlife – the Balearic Islands simply offer everything the heart desires. Claro que sí, that's why we recommend our beautiful Nail Wraps “Dream Island” to everyone flying to one of the islands in the Mediterranean this summer. 

Bavarian Alps – Nail Wraps “Herb Garden” 




During the holiday time, many tourists head for the mountains. In 2022, the beautiful mountain regions of Bavaria are one of the most sought-after destinations. In addition to fascinating summit tours, bright blue lakes and icy mountain lakes, beer gardens, green valleys and alpine pastures attract travellers from all over the world to the south of Germany. Our Nail Wraps “Herb Garden” look just as beautiful on the lush green alpine pasture as they do in the valley or on the mountain, where countless medicinal plants grow and fill the warm air with their scent. 

Greece – Nail Wraps “Mint Quartz” & “Marshmallow”




Last but not least, we take you to Greece, which is once again one of the favorite vacation destinations of the Germans this year. From Crete to Santorini or any other island of the Cyclades – a summer vacation in Greece is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. Chalky white houses with blue rooftops that are entwined with pink blooming flowers, turquoise water and sun-kissed skin – a getaway in Greece is nothing short of a magical summer dream.

Our Nail Wraps “Mint Quartz” guarantee the perfect manicure for your trip to the land of the gods. If you like, pair this refreshingly beautiful summer look with our white Nail Wraps “Marshmallow”.

Whatever your destination this summer, we wish you the perfect time off and, of course, a lot of fun with your vacay mani. To make sure you don't have to worry about your toenails all summer long, we recommend our new Nail Wraps for pedicure. Enjoy, Babes!