Get your Nails ready for Spring

Spring is finally on the horizon – time to wear spring-like colors on our nails again. Bye bye, cocooning! We're ready for sunny days outdoors. How about you? Then let's get started right away with our Spring Break Beauty Special!

Refreshing hand and foot soak 


Spring is not just about spring-cleaning. As soon as we start wearing breezier clothes and spend more time outdoors, our hands, and nails are back in the spotlight. If you have very dry and rough skin after the long winter or very tight cuticles, you can soften your skin gently with a revitalizing hand and foot soak. 

DIY recipe for a refreshing hand and foot soak:

  • lukewarm water
  • a little almond or olive oil
  • 2-3 tablespoons of sea salt 
  • a few organic lemon slices
  • fresh or dried flowers, such as rose petals

Add all ingredients together in a bowl and soak hands or feet for five to ten minutes. Enjoy this moment of relaxation. Then, gently push back the cuticles, apply some Nail Oil to the cuticles and massage gently. Best apply our Nail Oil with shea butter and nourishing plant oils for healthy cuticles every evening before bedtime. This ensures that the rich care will work overnight. Lastly, apply our Hand Cream with the finest organic argan oil.

Soft and well-groomed skin

Not only our facial skin is pleased about a gentle peeling in spring. Dry skin on hands and feet also becomes smooth again with an exfoliating treatment. Our creamy Hand Scrub gently removes flaky skin. It's also perfect to use after your hand and foot bath and a great way to give your manicure and pedicure a smooth finish.

Nail trends for spring 2022

Delicate pastel hues are spring's classics. Our new Spring Collection "Spring Blossom" with eight gorgeous new Nail Wrap designs will get you in the mood for spring.  In addition to classic spring trends such as florals, we’ve incorporated some of the hottest nail trends of 2022 in a spring-like way.

Nail trend 1 – springy Rainbow Nails


Not only on Easter, you are totally on trend with our Nail Wraps Over The Rainbow. Rainbow Nails – some refer to them as Multicolored Nails – are having a major moment this year. The Nail Wraps with ultra delicate gradient colors add a springy touch to any outfit and spread a sense of lightness during these turbulent times.

Nail trend 2 – Pastel French Tips


We've seen and celebrated red tips, neon tips, and classic white French tips – but this season our heart belongs to our Nail Wraps Pastel Tips. The delicate spring colors turn your nails into the most lovely accessory of the season – in a subtle and incredibly charming way. Get ready for compliments on this cute manicure.

Nail trend 3 – modern Abstract Nails


This color of Nail Wraps Minty Feels reminds us of a delicious mint ice cream in the sun. The refreshing color fits perfectly into the season when nature awakens from its winter slumber. The semi-transparent nail look adds a refreshing accent to your beauty look and instantly gives your outfit an ultra stylish touch. Pretty cool, huh?

Sweethearts, we hope you enjoy the first warming rays of sunshine of the year. We're always happy to see some awesome nail pics of your manicure on Instagram. Post your photo, tag @miss_sophie_official and use the hashtag #MissSophieLove 💅🏼 .