Limited Collection Miss Sophie x The Lost City


Limited Collection – Miss Sophie x The Lost City

Are you up for a little adventure? Then we've got great news for you – and the perfect beauty accessory, too. Get ready! The new "Miss Sophie x The Lost City Collection" is here. Eight ultra stylish Nail Wrap designs provide what could be the most amazing nail look of the year. With "The Lost City", an absolute treat for fans of Hollywood hottie Channing Tatum and the superstars Sandra Bullock and Daniel Radcliffe is coming to the cinemas. In cooperation with Paramount Pictures, we have exclusively designed the Nail Wrap collection for the movie!

A movie night with Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum 

Before we introduce you to the eight Hollywood-ready Nail Wraps designs, we'll briefly whisk you away to Hollywood. Speaking of whisking away: In the movie "The Lost City," reclusive novelist Loretta Sage (Sandra Bullock) is kidnapped by eccentric billionaire Fairfax (Daniel Radcliffe) during the promotional tour for her new book. So she ends up in a pink glitter jumpsuit right in the jungle. Fairfax wants to find the hidden treasure Loretta writes about in her book.

The attractive but not exactly intelligent Alan (Channing Tatum), who is a cover model on Loretta's books and is supposed to embody the novel character "Dash", heads off to rescue Loretta. The adventure takes its course ...!

"The Lost City Collection" – Nail Wrap designs from cool to ultra glamorous

The adventurous screenplay gave us the perfect inspiration for the designs to match the movie. Raise the curtain on the new "Miss Sophie x The Lost City Collection"!

Lost City – green nails never looked so cool



If you'd rather go on an adventure tour in the urban jungle than be forced to go on a treasure hunt by a crazy billionaire, then the Nail Wraps "Lost City" are made for you. The stylish green shade looks super stylish either worn as a full set or paired with an overlay like "Diamond Dust". With our matte Top Coat, the Nail Wraps look even cooler. 

Dash Into Action – sexy Leo French Tips



With the Nail Wraps, "Dash Into Action" you will become a sexy feline predator. With these sexy statement nails, you'll wrap everyone around your finger and cover model Alan is guaranteed to fall at your feet. But even without a model lover and far from the jungle, you'll be happy with these nails inspired by the modern French tips trend. Roar!

Hidden Treasure – Nude Nails with glitter



Love nude nails with a special twist? So do we! Billionaire Fairfax from "The Lost City" would also love the Nail Wraps "Hidden Treasure", because everything that glitters seems to magically attract him. But we promise you that Fairfax will leave you alone and the only thing you will attract will be admiring glances. 

Cover Model – catwalk-ready blue nails



In "The Lost City" Alan is the cover model. With the Nail Wraps "Cover Model" your nails become ready for the catwalk. The radiant blue shade is clearly an eye-catcher and the perfect look for all those who want to stand out with their manicure. The Nail Wraps also look super chic with a transparent overlay like our dazzling design "Shine Bright".

Boss Mode – the ultimate glam look for your nails



While Loretta Sage in "The Lost City" is whisked away to the jungle in a pink glitter jumpsuit, we'd rather whisk you away to manicure heaven. Heavenly beautiful: the Nail Wraps "Boss Mode". With these glitter nails, the glam barometer climbs to dizzying heights. Are you ready, Boss Babe?

Dr. Lovemore – Manicure to fall in love with



We love adventures – and we love gorgeous ombré nails with a delicate color gradient. That's why we're head over heels with our Nail Wraps, "Dr. Lovemore". Bring a breath of fresh air to your beauty routine with this modern ombré nail look. With this dream design for your nails, countless compliments are guaranteed. 

Camouflage Love Affair – sweet temptation



You can always be excited about red nails? We feel the same way. What makes red nails even more exciting? Red nails with a stylish camouflage pattern! Our Nail Wraps "Camouflage Love Affair" have a good shot at becoming your go-to manicure of the year. You will definitely get admiration for such beautiful nails. Pretty sexy, huh?

Jungle Adventure – say yes to exotic nails



If you feel like an adventure, but don't want to dive into the jungle, then we have the perfect alternative for you. The nail design "Jungle Adventure" accompanies you on your exciting forays through the urban jungle. Or are you looking for Nail Wraps for your next vacation? Here they are. We love the summery yet mysterious vibe this look adds to your mani game.

"Miss Sophie x The Lost City" set

If you're a fan of "The Lost City," don't miss out on the "Miss Sophie x The Lost City Set". It contains the entire collection, with eight ultra stylish designs for your nails. Whether for a trip to the cinema with your loved ones or as your personal beauty must-have of the year – with this set, perfect nails are guaranteed for the next few months!



To celebrate the launch of the "Miss Sophie x The Lost City Collection", we are giving away 2x a great manicure set for your nails. It contains: 


- 2 tickets for "The Lost City” in a German cinema
- the complete Collection incl. all eight Nail Wrap designs
- Base coat 
- Top Coat glossy 
- Glass Nail File
- Nail Wrap Remover 

      All you have to do is to comment on your favorite design from the Collection here in the comments.

      The competition ends on April 16th 2022 at 23:59. Good luck!

      • A
        Alicia on 19.04.2022

        Alles tolle Designs 😍 mein Favorit ist Camouflage Love Affair

      • P
        Patrizia Bandiera on 19.04.2022

        I really love Hidden Treasure

      • B
        Beate on 14.04.2022

        Es sind alle super schön, aber der Hingucker für mich ist Camouflage Love Affair

      • O
        Olga Melnitschuk on 14.04.2022

        Dr. Lovemore 💝

      • P
        Patricia Frasch on 14.04.2022

        Meine Lieblinge sind Jungle Adventure und Camouflage love Affair 🥰

      • I
        Iljana on 14.04.2022

        Diesmal kann ich mich fast nicht entscheiden aber ich glaube am schönsten finde ich “Hidden Treasure” und “Jungle Adventure” 🌟🌿😍

      • K
        Katja on 14.04.2022

        Jungle Adventure 🌿🌴 💚

      • J
        Jessica on 14.04.2022

        Hidden Treasure is an absolute stunner! But they’re all super pretty! ✨

      • S
        Sandra Bröring on 14.04.2022

        Dr. Lovemore 😍

      • V
        Vanessa Albayrak on 14.04.2022

        Lost City ❤

      • C
        Charlotte Drommershausen on 14.04.2022

        First Dr. Lovemore and second Hidden Tresure 😍😍😍

      • C
        Cynthia Sraj on 14.04.2022

        Hidden Treasure 😍 But all are so beautiful

      • K
        Katja Gmeiner on 14.04.2022

        Dr. Lovemore ❤️

      • G
        Gigi on 14.04.2022

        Dass Into Action 🐆

      • R
        Rikatchan on 12.04.2022

        Hidden Treasure 💛 & Lost City 💚

      • J
        Janika Stubbe on 12.04.2022

        Mein absolutes Lieblingsdesign ist Dr. Lovemore 😍

      • J
        Janina Klauser on 12.04.2022

        Jungle Adventure

      • B
        Brigitte Pigulla on 12.04.2022

        Ich ❤ alle aber am meisten Lost City und Dr. Lovemore

      • J
        Jasmine on 12.04.2022

        Dr. Lovemore

      • J
        Jessica Treberg on 12.04.2022

        Mein Favorit ist Hidden Treasure. ♥️

      • C
        Carolin Bähren on 12.04.2022

        Jungle Adventure and Lost City are awesome! 😍🌿🐊🦎