Mix & Match Personalize Your Winter Manicure

Life is too short for boring nails! Well, that probably sounds a little bit over-dramatic but hey – playing around with cute nail art is so much fun. While summer is all about bright and breezy nail looks, winter is the season to snuggle up and to celebrate the Holidays. 


What better way to embrace the most wonderful time of the year than with a personalized mix & match manicure with a festive touch? With our Nail Wraps it’s so easy to create a unique and jaw-dropping mani. From cute snowflakes to dazzling Glitter Nails – mix & match your favorite designs and celebrate your individuality. Get inspired by our wintry mix & match ideas!


Mix & Match Like A Pro – Opt For A Similar Base Colors


If you want to create a classic manicure with twist by using two different designs, opt for a similar base color. This will make sure that your manicure looks harmonious. An accent nail with a pretty motive like cute snowflakes or glitter adds that certain little something that will make your nails stand out. How about a festive mix and match with „Ever Nude“ and „Cake Pop“ or „Dazzling Rosewood” and  „Make A Wish”?


More pretty mix and match options:

  • „Hot Chocolate“ and „Fireplace“
  • „Sugar Babe“ and „Call Me Cinderella“


Wintry Mix & Match Manicure

We love snowflake nails! If you’re not ready for the dense snow flurry on your nails, just add a cute snowflake accent or two. Our limited winter design „Icy Rose“ and our ombré design „Rose Babyboomer“ beautifully complement each other. For a more alluring mani, mix & match a wintry snowflake design with a classic red hue. The perfect manicure to get cozy at home or to celebrate the holiday season.


More Nail Wraps that go great together:

  • „Burgundy“ and „Magic Nights“
  • „Ice Queen“ and „Nude Babyboomer“ or „French Tips“


Overlay With Transparent Nail Wraps

Not only eye-catching accent nails are a great way to spice up your manicure. Overlays are awesome for those who want to create a personalized nail design. Opting for nail art in a nail salon can get pretty expensive. With our transparent Nail Wraps you become your own DIY-Nail-Artist!


All you need is a monochrome set of Nail Wraps and a transparent design. First apply the monochrome base Nail Wraps, then the transparent design of your choice. A great combo for a subtle yet wintery nail look: „Sugar Babe“ and „Diamond Dust“ or „Shine Bright”. If you want to make your nails pop, choose a more vibrant shade like „Brick Red“ or „Cranberry“.


More dazzling Nail-Wrap-Combinations: 

  • „Cotton Candy“ and „Lace Love“
  • „Oh My Gold!“ and „Cookies N Cream“
  • „Golden Dust“ and „Rusty Red“


Festive Nails With Glitter Accents

Is there such a thing as too much glitter? Anyway, a hint of sparkle is always a great idea – especially when the festive season is on the horizon. If you want to wait until New Year's Eve for a sparkling full set of Glitter Nails but want to add some Glitz to your mani game, just mix & match our monochrome and sparkling Nail Wraps. Black and gold is the perfect color scheme for the year-end. With our Nail Wraps „Black Velvet“ and „Winter Party“ you can create an opulent and luxurious nail look that will turn heads wherever you go. For a more office-ready manicure, use designs like „Rosewood Love” and „Make A Wish” Keep shining!


More dazzling mix & match combinations:

  • „Champagne Shower“ and „Dusty Red“
  • „Russian Roulette“ and „Pumpkin Spice“
  • „Born To Be A Unicorn“ and „Marshmallow“

We hope you feel inspired by our mix & match ideas! Feel free to share your manicure photos on Instagram and tag them with @MissSophies!