ROSY LOVE WEDDING COLLECTION New designs for your wedding

Your wedding should be the most beautiful day in your life. Before you’re ready to walk down the isle, there are many details to arrange. You’ve found the perfect gown, have chosen the cake and the caterer and the guests are invited. Phew! Finally it’s time to think about the best part: hair, make-up and of course a beautiful wedding manicure!


Classic, boho, romantic, cute and natural or bold – if planning the beauty look for your wedding overwhelms you, choose a styling based on your wedding venue and theme. While shaking hands, hugging friends, posing for pictures, throwing the bouquet or cutting the cake together with Mister Right, all eyes will be on the bride’s nails.


Make sure you can show off your ring with a gorgeous bridal nail look! Miss Sophie’s new wedding collection „Rosy Love“ makes finding the perfect bridal manicure easy. We have designed eight beautiful new designs just in time for your wedding day. From classic bridal nails to playful nail art, find your favorite wedding mani!


Bridesmaid – nails for bridesmaids and brides

Looking for a timelessly beautiful wedding mani? Bridesmaid will leave you perfectly happy with its delicate pink and lovely pearly finish. Whether for the bride or her girls, this beautiful design will leave all hands photo ready.


Cake Pop – glamorous wedding nails

Cake Pop is the dazzling star of the "Rosy Love" collection by Miss Sophie. Silver glitter is always a favorite. The luxe sparkle makes this design a glamorous choice when you’re about to say „i do“. If you want to add that magical Cinderella feeling, this one is truly a must-have!


Rose Petals – romantic wedding nails

Roses are a big theme of your wedding venue? Here’s the good news: we have the ultimate nail wraps for you! Rose Petals is an intricate floral nail design that fits perfectly with a romantic lace wedding dress. Don’t forget to put some flowers in your hair!


Flower Bouquet – flawless nails with a boho touch

You’re about to marry the man of your dreams and plan a romantic boho wedding with a unique vintage dress, flower bouquets, tipis and a bonfire? Flower Bouquet is a playful look for beautiful boho brides! The cute design also looks great with a classic wedding gown.


Apricot Tart – perfect ombré bridal mani

Switch up the traditional wedding nails with our cute ombré mani Apricot Tart! The radiant summer colors give your bridal look a fresh and super sweet twist. Almost as sweet as the cake! If you don’t want to miss your beloved ombré nails when you tie the knot, you will love these nail wraps!


Rosy Love – romantic ombré nails

Pink, roses and laces – weddings are the favorite venues for modern Cinderellas, true?Rosy Love is the second ombré design of our new wedding collection. It’s the perfect choice if you want to give your romantic bridal beauty look a modern air.


Cut The Cake – cute bridal nails

Cutting of the wedding cake with the hubby is probably one of the best parts of every wedding. Get your nails ready for this unforgettable moment! Our nail wraps Cut The Cake give your classic wedding nails a playful twist. Cute dots and stripes make this look a cheeky choice for your bridal look.



Honeymoon – elegant wedding nails

Last but not least here’s our elegant new design Honeymoon. When you love the idea of a little shimmer on your nails without going over the top, this contemporary look might be exactly what you’re looking for. The pink nail wraps with the shimmering crescent moon detail looks so beautiful, you will want to last it forever!



Rosy Love Set

Whether for your own beauty case, for the bride, bridesmaids or the wedding guests - with our "Rosy Love" set you get all eight wedding designs. Maybe you are not planning to get married, but you love romantic nail art. Then this set of limited designs is made for you! Combine the nail wraps to your taste, for example cake pop and bridesmaid - with the complete Wedding Collection you always have the perfect look for every occasion at home!

We wish you a beautiful wedding and many unforgettable

moments together! Cheers!


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  • C
    Carolin Müller on 26.02.2021

    Rosy Love und Cake Pop sind meine Favoriten.

  • M
    Miss Sophie on 26.06.2020

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Das Gewinnspiel ist beendet! ⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Die Gewinnerinnen unseres Gewinnspiels wurden per Mail benachrichtigt! Herzlichen Glückwunsch 🥳
    Wir danken allen Teilnehmerinnen für das fleißige Mitmachen und freuen uns weiterhin über eure tollen Anregungen 😊

  • M
    Michelle on 26.06.2020

    Cut the cake ist super schön ❤

  • J
    Julia on 26.06.2020

    Rosy Love 😍

  • M
    Michelle on 26.06.2020

    Cut the cake ist super schön ❤

  • J
    Julia on 26.06.2020

    Rosy Love 😍

  • J
    JULIA on 26.06.2020

    Rosy Love 😍

  • L
    Lisa on 25.06.2020

    Honeymoon und Cake Pop sind toll! 😍

  • J
    Jacqueline H. on 25.06.2020

    Am besten gefallen mir aus der neuen Kollektion 🌹 „Apricot Tarte“ 🍑 und „Honeymoon“ 💕

  • R
    Rebecca on 25.06.2020

    Rosy Love ist sehr schön, die gesamte Kollektion ist sehr schön.

  • M
    Miri on 25.06.2020

    Tatsächlich finde ich dieses Mal wirklich jedes einzelne Design richtig gelungen! Doch am meisten umgehauen hat mich das Apricot Tart. Ombré finde ich einfach soooo schön – ein richtiger Knaller in diesem Sommer!!!

  • D
    Dominka Müller on 25.06.2020

    Mein Favorit aus der neuen Kollektion ist Rosy Love 😍🎉🍀

  • F
    Franziska on 25.06.2020

    Cut The Cake, so elegant!

  • N
    Nina on 25.06.2020

    Ich bin begeistert von Rosy Love und Honeymoon, wunderschön!

  • E
    Eli on 25.06.2020

    honey moon, cut the caken & rosy love sind toll

  • E
    Elisabeth on 25.06.2020

    Wieder so viele hübsche Designs dabei! Mein Favorit ist Honeymoon 🤩

  • J
    Jules on 25.06.2020

    Cake Pop, Honeymoon und Rosy Love sind meine Favoriten. 🤩
    Da ich im September den großen Tag 👰 habe würde ich mich natürlich sehr über den Gewinn freuen und versuche mein Glück 🍀.

  • P
    Patricia on 25.06.2020

    Rosy Love find ich wunder wunderschön! Aber alle anderen sind auch einfach perfekt!

  • M
    Monique Worm on 25.06.2020

    Am liebsten würde ich Apricot Tart und cake Pop ausprobieren wollen

  • M
    Monique on 25.06.2020

    Meine Lieblinge sind Apricot Tart und cake Pop 🤗

  • C
    Christin Fenn on 25.06.2020

    Ich liebe Apricot Tart, Rosy Love und Cut the cake! 😍😍🥰 Wieder alles richtig schöne Designs!

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    Mareike on 25.06.2020

    Rosy Love und Honeymoon – wobei Cakepop auch ganz weit vorne dabei ist 💕

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    SRlctbDdO on 25.06.2020