SPRING BLOSSOM COLLECTION sunny Nail Art to try this Season

Just in time with the first early bloomers, we treat nail addicts with gorgeous new nail looks for the spring. The Spring Collection 2022 with eight new Nail Wrap designs by Miss Sophie is here. Curtain up for the "Spring Blossom Collection"!

Beauties, we have almost survived the winter. As soon as the first rays of sunshine kiss mother nature awake, everything is delicately green and blossoming. Finally we can shed ourselves out of our thick winter clothes and put on cute spring outfits. Joie de vivre!

Enjoying the first ice cream in the sun, being out and about without shivering, redecorating the apartment and balcony and giving our wardrobe and beauty look a spring-like update – if that's not a reason to celebrate! What better way to cheer on the approaching of the warmer weather season than with a gorgeous new manicure? 

Nail Wraps for your spring manicure

With our new "Spring Blossom Collection" spring comes in all its beauty to your nails. From cute florals and delicate pastels to ultra stylish modern nail looks – with these Nail Wraps from our Spring Collection 2022, your nails perfectly match this wonderful season. 

Pastel Tips – Colored French Tips


Classic French Nails just got some cute competition. Our Nail Wrap design "Pastel Tips" is a springy take on the classic 90s nail trend. Instead of white nail tips, this springy design features colored tips. It instantly elevates your style in the prettiest way possible. Can you feel those good vibes?

Spring Blossom – delicate spring manicure


Metallic nail art is having a big moment this season. If you want to welcome spring with a stylish manicure, our Nail Wraps Spring Blossom conjure up real wow nails for the upcoming warmer weather season. With its delicate shades and sophisticated metallic details, Spring Blossom will make your nails the star of the show. 

Primrose Pink – delicate ombré nails


Sunny spring days call for delicate shades and soft pastels. Embrace the season with our lovely Nail Wraps "Primrose Pink". This springy nail look resembles a refreshing sorbet, which tastes especially good in the first warming rays of the spring sun. Those who love delicate ombré nails and dreamy pastels, will fall for this nail look. We're over the moon for these beautiful Nail Wraps. How about you?

Soft Lilly – floral manicure for spring


Delicate floral nail designs are trending this spring. If you love floral nail art, then our Soft Lilly design is made for you. With its enchanting colors and dreamy design, these pretty Nail Wraps will instantly get you in the mood for spring. The gorgeous floral manicure also looks absolutely stunning when paired with our classic nail look "Make Me Blush". With these Nail Wraps, you'll always carry the most beautiful spring accessory with you.

Minty Feels – refreshingly beautiful spring nails


As soon as it gets warmer outside, you get the urge for a refreshment? With our Nail Wraps Minty Feels you will not only keep cool when in the sun's out – with this look, your nails will also become the coolest eye-catcher far and wide. The modern design looks as refreshing as a spring meadow in the morning dew – or like a yummy mint ice cream. This spring, cool kids are going to sport Minty Feels on their fingertips!

Over The Rainbow – muted pastels 

Once spring is on the horizon, it's time to jazz up our mani game with the season's hottest shades. Multi-colored nails, delicate gradients and Rainbow Nails are having a major moment this spring. Over The Rainbow is an eye-catching take on the cute trend Rainbow Nails – and it literally screams springtime and gorgeously compliments your wardrobe. Fashion people and beauty lovers – this manicure is made for you. 

Mint Quartz – Stylish Crystal Nails. 


You're not ready to give up your beloved Rose Quartz Nails, but you're wishing for a cool new manicure for the spring? Then you will love our Nail Wraps Mint Quartz. The crisp color and authentic quartz-inspired design will leave crystal lovers perfectly happy. For an ultra smooth and modern finish, use our matte Top Coat. This ultra stylish manicure is gorgeous to look at. Agreed? 

Hello Spring – modern Nude Nails

Nude Nails are always a good idea. Abstract Nude Nails are an even much better idea, if you ask us. Anyway, if you love classic nail looks with a modern twist, Hello Spring is your perfect match. The contemporary design goes wonderfully with the spring awakening and makes for perfectly-groomed fingernails. Upgrade your spring style with these ultra stylish Nail Wraps.

Spring Blossom Set

If the magic of spring has you under its spell – and actually you would love to sport a new manicure every day to celebrate this wonderful season–, you’ll love our "Spring Blossom Set" to kick off the season. It contains the entire Spring Collection 2022 with eight beautiful Nail Wrap designs. With this set, your nails are guaranteed to be on fleek for any occasion. And when you decide to spontaneously host a mani party, there's sure to be the perfect design for you and your BFF's!

Spring Blossom Collection Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of our lovely "Spring Blossom Collection" we are giving away 2x a fantastic Spring Set. It contains: 

- The complete "Spring Blossom Collection"

- Base Coat 

- Top Coat glossy 

- Glass Nail File

- Nail Wrap Remover 

All you have to do is comment on your favorite design from the Spring Collection below. The competition ends on March 2nd 2022 at 23:59. Good luck, Babes!

  • S
    Stefanie on 09.03.2022

    Oh das ist schwer, aber ich glaube der Gewinner ist Primrose Pink. Dicht gefolgt von Soft Lilly.

  • H
    Helena on 04.03.2022

    Ich habe mich verliebt in Primrose Pink😍🌷

  • P
    Pamela on 04.03.2022

    Hallo, mir gefallen die Spring Blossom Folien sehr gut. Die Entscheidung ist mir wirklich schwer gefallen, denn alle Folien sind traumhaft schön….
    Danke für diese tolle Erfindung, denn ich bin Allergiekerin und konnte es mir darum nicht leisten meine Nägel im Studio machen zu lassen und war darüber immer sehr traurig.
    Ihr macht mich jeden Tag aufs Neue glücklich! DANKE

  • J
    Jenny on 03.03.2022

    Achhh… es sehen wieder mal alle Folien einfach nur schön aus!😍 Kann mich gar nicht entscheiden. Und da ich ein 90er/2000er Kind bin, find ich die Frenchfolien richtig SUPER toll!😍

  • S
    Stephanie on 03.03.2022

    Pastel Tips und Spring Blossom!

  • C
    Christiane on 03.03.2022

    Ich liebe die French Nails, aber alle anderen auch. Soooo schön 😍

  • S
    Stephanie on 03.03.2022

    Meine Lieblinge sind Pastel Tips und Spring Blossom.

  • L
    Lisa on 03.03.2022

    Primerose Pink und Hello Spring sind meine Favoriten 😍

  • B
    Barbara on 03.03.2022

    Over the rainbow ist genau meins. ❤️

  • S
    Sabine Schützenhofer on 03.03.2022

    Over the Rainbow 🌈 ist mein Favorit 🤩 da sind alle Farben des Frühlings drinnen….. würd mich aber riesig freuen wenn ich die anderen Designs auch ausführen könnte 😌

  • A
    A Rosenow on 03.03.2022

    Over the Rainbow ist so schön!

  • S
    Steffi on 03.03.2022

    Over The Rainbow ist mein Favorit 😍
    Hut ab – die Kollektion ist wirklich super schön geworden! ☺️

  • S
    Sina-Maria on 03.03.2022

    Spring Blossom, weil ich schon Ice Cream so richtig toll fand! Generell ist die Kollektion einfach echt schön und toll gelungen.💞

  • K
    Kati on 03.03.2022

    Over the Rainbow.

    Habe mir das schon so oft lackiert, hält aber leider nicht so lange wie Miss Sophie. Ich liebe bunte Pastellnägel! Perfekt für den Frühling :)

  • P
    Petra on 03.03.2022

    Hallo ans Team, aus der Spring Blossem Collection gefällt mir das Design “Soft Lilly” am besten!!

  • F
    Farina on 03.03.2022

    Mint Quarz all the way!

  • V
    Vanessa on 03.03.2022

    Wow, die Kollektion ist mal wieder der Hammer! Besonders toll finde ich Mint Quartz :)

  • S
    Saskia Alkan on 03.03.2022

    Ein Design schöner als das andere! Schwer zu entscheiden, aber am meisten hat mich Spring Blossom begeistert 🥰

  • T
    Tonia on 03.03.2022

    Die over the rainbows und die bunten french nails Hammer Gewinnspiel so so gut

  • E
    Els Van den Bosch on 03.03.2022

    Totally in love with the Spring Blossom, but actually, I like them all! <3

  • J
    Jana on 03.03.2022

    Ich kann mich gar nicht entscheiden, welches Design ich am liebsten mag. Ich Over the rainbow, Mint Quartz und Primerose Pink sind aber definitiv meine Top 3 😍

  • D
    Daniela on 03.03.2022

    Primrose Pink 💗

  • A
    Angela on 03.03.2022

    Pastel Tips ❤

  • N
    Nadine on 03.03.2022

    Over The Rainbow – pastellige Multicolor Nails

  • L
    Lio on 03.03.2022

    Tatsächlich gefallen mir fast alle Designs der neuen Collection. Am besten aber “hallo spring” und “mint quartz”.
    Ich würde mich sehr über einen Gewinn freuen 😀