Super Moms, that's why we love you!



Moms, really, you should be showered with love and appreciation every day. Well, sometimes it just gets lost in the mix. However, that doesn't mean that all that you do isn't recognized or appreciated. Quite the opposite. You guys rock. Here's why …

#1 You share your life and give yourselves up to a certain extent



Dancing light-heartedly until the wee hours of the morning, sleeping in, me-time, going on vacation regardless of school vacations and romantic dates with your better half – parents give up all this and much more for their kids. The main job – especially in the early years – is usually done by the mothers. Thank you 💗

#2 You ride the roller coaster of life with your kids



Birth, short nights and lack of sleep, the first milk tooth, tantrums, separation anxiety at the kindergarten, first day at school, the first heartbreak, the first teenage outburst of rebellion – with children, things rarely progress linearly. A mother's life resembles rather a wild ride on a roller coaster. At times, it goes steeply uphill, then rapidly downhill. Joy, excitement and thrills – Moms, you get it all. Thank you for joining us on this wild ride called life. 💗

#3 Unconditional love



Maybe things don't always go smoothly. Perhaps there's a bit of a bang at home. Perhaps you want to avoid each other for a while. And yet, a mother will always love their children. Even if they may secretly ask themselves at times why they put themselves through this. But even though being a mother is exhausting, love always wins out. Thank you for your unconditional love 💗

#4 You always take a step back



How nice it would be to just take a hot bath, read a good book, go out with your friends, take a quick nap or to enjoy a child-free day with your bestie – without anything getting in the way that has to do with a cute tiny creature that loves you to pieces. Thank you for always being there, Moms. When the baby cries, when there was a ruckus at daycare, when one cold follows another, or when the school crush has another crush. Thank you for always being there 💗

#5 You give the best advice



Admittedly, to rebel against the opinion of the parents is tradition. Arguing is part of the process of growing up. Getting in trouble, seeing how far you can go, becoming independent. Kids often give their parents a hard time. And of course, parents aren't always 100 percent right – and even the wisest mom in the world simply can't know everything. And yet, in retrospect, many realize that their mom was absolutely right. Thank you for giving your children the time to grow wings and to help them learn to fly. 💗


Happy Mother's Day!


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