The "Sweater Weather Collection" is here


Summer is coming to an end. Cozy evenings at home, walks through colorful forests and warm feel-good clothes are on the horizon. Yay, Sweater Weather Season is here! Cozy sweaters, warm coats and fluffy hats, hot drinks and the crisp fall air make the season oh so cozy. 

To give your manicure a pretty fall update, we've designed eight gorgeous Nail Wrap designs. Say hello to our brand new "Sweater Weather Collection"!

Nail Wraps "Spice, Spice, Baby!"


Color-wise, our Nail Wraps "Spice, Spice, Baby!" are the perfect match for fall. Warm earth tones and sophisticated metallic highlights make for a stylish fall manicure. Whether paired with a burgundy knit sweater or an elegant dark velvet dress, this nail design will give your fall look just the perfect dash of glamour and an irresistibly mysterious vibe.

Nail Wraps "Cozy Sunday"


Ombré nails are exactly your thing and you don't want to miss your favorite nail look in the fall? Then our Nail Wraps "Cozy Sunday" are just made for you. What's really unique about this nail art in traditional fall hues is the diagonal color gradient. This makes your nails a beautiful eye-catcher with that special something. Design-wise, the Nail Wraps go wonderfully with cozy sweaters and warm wool coats. Time for a hot cocoa on the couch and me-time. So cozy!

Nail Wraps "Golden Fall”


The Nail Wraps "Golden Fall" are the perfect choice for those who love beautiful "mix & match" looks on their nails. The package contains three Nail Wrap designs in chic fall colors. Combined, the nail designs create an ultra glamorous manicure that truly lives up to the golden autumn. Round off your styling elegantly with a red lipstick and an eyeliner in the fashionable cat-eye look!

Nail Wraps "Très Chic”


Minimalism has become a major trend. Whether it's downsized living in a small space, a capsule wardrobe with a few select pieces or clean looks with sleek cuts - less is definitely more for those who are passionate about this trend. Our Nail Wraps "Très Chic" make the hearts of minimalism fans beat faster. With their glossy base, petrol green and gold accents, these Nail Wraps will complement your fall wardrobe with their cool understated look. 


Nail Wraps "Sweater Weather" 


Abstract Nails have been a popular nail design trend for quite some time now. This involves applying small drawings onto the fingernail which turn every nail into a miniature piece of art. With our "Sweater Weather" Nail Wraps, you skip the trip to the nail salon and just stick gorgeous autumnal nail art to your fingernails. Muted colors and floral elements make this nail look a subtle eye-catcher that wonderfully complements your cozy fall wardrobe.

Nail Wraps "Floral Fantasy"


Meet what might be the prettiest nail art combo of the year: "Floral Fantasy"! Combined, the two Nail Wrap designs create a cool "mix & match" manicure with an autumnal feel. Combined, the two Nail Wrap designs create a cool "mix & match" manicure with an autumnal feel. While the floral design captures the color frenzy of the season and provides a romantic touch, the solid color Nail Wraps in a cool shade guarantee an interesting contrast. Like a warm late summer day followed by a foggy autumn morning - there is something appealing about both. And your autumn styling will also look even more appealing with these pretty Nail Wraps. 

Nail Wraps "Blooming Autumn" 


The Nail Wraps "Blooming Autumn" provide a flawless autumnal manicure with a romantic vibe. The enchanting nail design captures that unique feeling of a sunny day in autumn, when nature shows itself once again in all its beauty before it then heads off into hibernation. 

The pretty flowers on a powdery pink base look equally pretty with a romantic floral dress and ankle boots and warm tights or with casual jeans, a cozy sweater and hat or a beanie. If you want to spice up your classic mani with a cheerful accent nail, you can mix and match these cute autumnal Nail Wraps with our classic nail look "Sugar Babe".

Nail Wraps "Leo Lover”


Last but not least, here is an absolute highlight from our new Fall Collection. The Nail Wraps "Leo Lover" bring the much sought-after leo trend to your nails and turn your manicure into a sexy eye-catcher. The Leo Nail Wraps are a guarantee for an ultra hot fall with that irresistible "roooar vibe". Beauties, show off your alluring digits.

"Sweater Weather Collection"-Set

If your favorite time of year is fall and cinnamon, pumpkins, and cozy sweaters could be in high season for you all year long, then our 

"Sweater Weather Collection"-Set is an absolute must-have for you. It contains the entire "Sweater Weather Collection" with eight autumnal Nail Wrap designs that will make your favorite season even more special. Don't miss out on this set, because like the whole collection, it's only available in a limited quantity. 

Fall Collection Giveaway


To celebrate the launch of the "Sweater Weather Collection" with you, we are giving away an amazing Fall Set for perfectly looking nails. The win includes: 


- the complete "Sweater Weather" Collection 

- Base Coat 

- Top Coat glossy 

- Glass Nail File

- Nail Wrap Remover


So what do you have to do? Just leave a comment below this article telling us which Nail Wrap design from the "Sweater Weather Collection" is your favorite. The giveaway ends on September 18th, 2022 at 11:59pm. We keep our fingers crossed!

  • M
    Manuela Stadler on 19.09.2022

    Ich habe mich sofort in Blooming Autumn schockverliebt. Klassisch, stilvoll und trotzdem außergewöhnlich

  • F
    Franziska on 19.09.2022

    Ich liebe den Look “Leo Lover” ♥️♥️♥️

  • J
    Janika Stubbe on 19.09.2022

    Floral Fantasy ist mein absoluter Liebling 😍

  • S
    Selina Teßmann on 19.09.2022

    Blooming Autumn finde ich zauberhaft 🌸

  • I
    Ivana Linsel on 19.09.2022

    Blooming Autumn is such a beautiful design!

  • S
    Stephanie on 19.09.2022

    Am Besten gefällt mir Blooming Autumn!

  • M
    Melanie Kühn on 19.09.2022

    Cozy Sunday 🤍

  • L
    Lisa Marie Berendonck on 19.09.2022

    Floral Fantasy und très chic sind meine Favoriten😊💅

  • I
    Iljana on 19.09.2022

    “Spice, Spice, Baby” und “Golden Fall” 😍

  • B
    Beate Rehmann on 19.09.2022

    Mein Favorit „Cozy Sunday“

  • L
    Laura Kerschbaum on 19.09.2022

    My Favoriten is “spice,spice baby”
    Absolutely loving it😍🥺

  • J
    Jessica Treberg on 19.09.2022

    Mein Lieblingsdesign ist Floral Fantasy. 😍

  • B
    BRUNO BRUNO on 19.09.2022

    Floral Fantasy!

  • J
    Jasmin Martinez on 19.09.2022

    Blooming Autumn ♥️♥️♥️

  • D
    Deborah Roger on 19.09.2022

    Leo Lover

  • M
    Marlene B. on 19.09.2022

    Blooming Autumn 🌸 ist wunderschön.

  • C
    Cornelia Rogge on 19.09.2022

    Cozy sunday :-)

  • C
    Cornelia Rogge on 19.09.2022

    Cozy sunday :-)

  • I
    Ina Plank on 19.09.2022

    golden fall 😍 & spice spice baby ❤️

  • G
    Gabriele Rudolf on 16.09.2022

    Cozy Sunday ist wunderschön und edel!

  • A
    Anita Forisch on 15.09.2022

    Cozy Sunday ist mein Lieblings-Look 🤎

  • C
    Celine Körber on 15.09.2022

    Floral fantasy ❤️

  • G
    G Kohlmeyer on 15.09.2022

    Leo Lover 🐆💛

  • M
    Monika Krüger on 15.09.2022

    Floral Fantasy

  • M
    Monika Krüger on 15.09.2022

    Floral Fantasy