These 3 Nail Wraps are back

Do you love floral and romantic nail looks? Then we have fantastic news for you. Three enchanting Nail Wrap designs are now available again in our shop. These cute nail looks will make summer even more beautiful. From dreamy roses to little hearts and abstract nails with filigree petals – with such pretty looking fingernails, compliments on your manicure are guaranteed. Curtain up!

Nail Wraps "English Rose" for a rosy manicure



Fancy some rosy times? Then you'll love our "English Rose" Nail Wraps, which are now back in the Miss Sophie assortment. Delicate shades of pink and beautiful roses make these Nail Wraps an absolute summer fave. 

When a perfect summer day comes to a relaxing end with a glass of rosé and the sound of crickets and the scent of freshly mown grass lingers in the air – wonderful, huh!? These Nail Wraps capture this unique atmosphere in such a pretty way and are just perfect for warmer times of the year. Also, as a bridal mani, these Nail Wraps are a fab choice. 

Nail Wraps "Heart Blush" will make your heart skip a beat



Are you in love? Or do you simply have a crush on life? When “Drunk in Love” is your current vibe, then we have the matching Nail Wraps for you. Voilà, with "Heart Blush", heartfelt dreams come true – at least  manicure-wise. With its beautiful color gradient and cute hearts, these romantic Nail Wraps are not only a faby option for lovebirds. 

After all, love is much more than just being in love with one person. Love makes life more beautiful – no matter what or who you love. And those who approach life and others with an open heart will attract love into their own lives. At least that's what the law of attraction says. And that’s a lovely idea, isn't it? Speaking about lovely: The Nail Wraps "Heart Blush" look super lovely ... especially on your nails!

"Romantic Blush" Nail Wraps for floral Abstract Nails



Classic floral nail looks are usually a bit too kitschy and playful for your taste, but you're always up for an artsy take on flower power? Then you will love our Nail Wraps "Romantic Blush"! The look resembles our Nail Wraps "Rose Blush". However, this beauty features different colors and delicate petals that will turn your fingertips into a pretty eye-catcher. A floral manicure with a modern touch.Yay!

If you're excited about the relaunch of these three designs for beautiful nails, let us know which Nail Wraps will soon be seen on your nails. We are excited to hear from you!