Tips and trends for short nails

If your fingernails are naturally particularly weak and delicate, even the best nail care will have limited impact on your nails. One wrong motion and the nail is already cracked or chipped. Sometimes the nails have to be kept short for professional reasons, for hygienic or practical reasons, for example. 

However, those who have short nails do not have to miss out on a great manicure and beautiful nail art. With our Nail Wraps, even short fingernails become gorgeous eye-catchers. Some nail trends and Nail Wraps are particularly suitable for short nails. These for example:



Manicure #1 for short nails: Color Blocking



Color blocking is not only a popular beauty and fashion trend in summer. Mix & match is a cool eye-catcher for any season. On short fingernails, the color blocking look looks super cute and playful. While shades like pink, mint green, purple and yellow look extra pretty on short nails in summer, Nail Wraps in more muted colors turn your manicure into a beauty accessory in the colder months of the year.

Manicure #2 for short nails: Solid Nails



If multicolored nails are not your cup of tea or if a fancy mani is not compatible with your job, then simply set a stylish accent with an exciting color and make your nails an eye-catcher. Short nails look especially neat when their shape and length are kept uniform. An extra touch of color will give them that wow factor. With our matte Top Coat you can enhance the fashionable look even more.

Manicure #3 for short nails: Nail art with vertical stripes and details



Vertical stripes visually elongate the nails. This hack works both for clothes and for nails. Nail Wraps with vertical lines or effects like our designs "Love Lines", "Bohemian Girl" or "Polar Ice" immediately make a short fingernail look more narrow and slightly longer. These Nail Wraps also make fantastic accent nails.

Manicure #4 for short nails: Nail art with tiny motifs



Whether polka dots, delicate stripes or tiny hearts—if the nail does not offer too much space, then a nail look with small motifs is particularly suitable. True to the motto “small but mighty”, Nail Wraps such as our design "Heartbreaker" give short nails that special something. Note: Mini motifs are more effective on a short nail than large ones.

Manicure #5 for short nails: Glitter Nail Wraps



Who says glitter nails only look great for Christmas or New Year's Eve? A dash of glitz and glam is always a good idea. Sparkly nail designs also stylishly put short nails in the spotlight. Since short fingernails always tend to look very natural and serious, the nail design can definitely look a little more eye-catching.

How about our ultra glamorous Nail Wraps "Pink Burlesque"? With short nails, there's no need to worry that the manicure will look over the top. On extra long gel nails, however, glitter and bold colors can tend to look a little tacky.

In general, we advise sensitive nails to apply our Base Coat as protection before applying the Nail Wraps and to wear protective gloves when working in the household, for example when doing the dishes or cleaning the house. And now we wish you lots of fun with your manicure!