TRANSPARENT COLLECTION Spice up your nude nails


The easiest way to achieve a timeless nail look? Nude and transparent nail wraps! The perfect example of classy nails with a twist is our new „Transparent Collection“. If you want to add little bit of extra spice to your mani game without going too crazy, you will love our eight new designs.

From minimalistic nail art, cool and edgy nail looks to romantic or ultra glamorous nail wraps – the "Transparent Collection" has the perfect transparent nail look for any taste and any occasion – and it matches all skin tones! You love to play with different designs? Great! The designs can easily be paired with other delicate nail wraps such as "Transparent“ or "Make Me Blush“. Enough said, girls! Let’s check our beautiful new "Transparent Collection“!


White Blush – the timeless go-to mani

Some designs will never get out of style – „White Blush“ is one of those gorgeous go-to nail looks for any occasion and all seasons. What’s more timeless than a milky clean white mani? It looks flattering on sun-kissed skin and gorgeous on a crisp day in winter. To spice up your classic mani, pair it with a pretty accent nail. How about Italian Marble or Born To Be A Unicorn?


Silver Veins – chic and subtle marble nails 

The marble nail trend is not going anywhere – and we love it. The subtle silver metallic lining on the translucent base makes “Silver Veins” the perfect go-to nail look for marble maniacs who prefer a more subtle approach when it comes to their nails. The delicate yet eye-catching design looks cool and fresh in summer and elegant when the weather is crisp. For a bold mani, pair it with “Black Velvet“. We can’t get enough of this awesome new take on the stylish marble trend.


Shine Bright – sparkle and glitz for your fingertips

"Diamonds are a girl’s best friend" is your approach in life? Then our mesmerizing new design “Shine Bright” could become your new favorite nail look. The elevated glitter nail design makes your mani stand out in the crowd. Big time! How could one not stare at those shining fingertips? Channel your inner Ice Queen and show off those pretty nails! For a more dramatic mani, pair it with “Tastefully Overdone”. Shine bright like a diamond, Ladies! How do you like this twinkly design?


Golden Veins  – marble nails for golden girls

Hey Goldie, this jaw-dropping design is for you! “Golden Veins” is the dazzling counterpart to our marble design “Silver Veins”. With its gold shimmering metallic lining, these nail wraps look especially gorgeous on sun-kissed skin or on darker skin tones. If you want to give your classic nude mani a personal touch, pair it with “Transparent” or “Cookies N Cream”. We love those summery vibes, how about you?


Silver Lines – the ultimate design for minimalists

Minimalists, you will love our effortlessly chic design “Silver Lines”. The thin silver stripes on translucent base provide interest without taking over your beauty look. The design is the perfect fit if minimalism is your motto in life and fashion. To upgrade your go-to nude look, pair it with our design “Transparent”. For a more dramatic mani, mix and match it with “Black Velvet“ or ”Paris Je T’aime“.


Burlesque Feeling – channel your inner Hollywood goddess

Black lace is the epitome of sensuality and the divine feminine art of seduction. Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on our stunning new design “Burlesque Feeling”. Whether you opt for a full set of romantic lace nails or pair it with nail wraps such as “Black Velvet”, this show-stopping design will turn heads. For a smooth and velvety finish, use our matte Top Coat. Awaken the burlesque diva within!


Unicorn Tears – glam up your nails

Sophisticated glitter nails never go out of fashion, that’s a fact. Especially during Christmas, a sparkling mani is one of the most popular looks. You don’t want to wait for the holiday season to show off those fancy nails? Well, you don’t have too! With it’s  silver-lined cuticles, “Unicorn Tears” is an excellent option for those who want to rock a glamorous mani all year-round. If you’re looking for a design for special occasions, this subtle yet super fancy nail look is a fantastic choice. Pair it with "Make Me Blush“ for a personalized and even more subtle manicure.


Copper Blossom – Flower Power deluxe

“Copper Blossom” is a wonderful floral design that looks great on your fingertips all year-round. The warm metallic shade looks extra flattering on tanned skin in summer and festive in autumn and winter. The transparent base adds lightness to the gloriously decadent floral design – a gorgeous piece of art for your fingertips. We’re head over heels for this beauty.



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  • A
    Antje Turek on 10.10.2021

    Silver Veins ist mein Favorit, gefolgt von Copper Blossom. Ob wohl die ganze Kollektion wunderschön ist und zum träumen einlädt.

  • C
    Cara on 10.08.2021

    Shine Bright & Copper Blossom 🤩

  • J
    Jessica on 29.07.2021

    Copper Blossom so romantisch und White Blush dezent schlicht schön

  • E
    elli on 29.07.2021

    Wow, alle Designs einfach wunderschön. Ich liebe die transparenten Folien ❤️ Mein Favorit Silver lines

  • I
    Isa on 29.07.2021

    Unicorn Tears ist mega🦄💧♥️

  • N
    Nora S. on 29.07.2021

    Die Kollektion ist wieder richtig schön geworden, da kann man sich kaum entscheiden 🙈

    Copper blossom sieht richtig toll aus 😍

  • L
    Lissy on 29.07.2021

    Unicorn Tears und Cooper Blossom

  • N
    Nicole on 29.07.2021

    Unicorn Tears und Burlesque Feeling sind meine favs :)

  • P
    Petra Neubacher on 29.07.2021

    Ich findet White Blush und Golden Veins mega 😍

  • F
    Farina on 29.07.2021

    Copper Blossom und Burlesque Feeling sind großartig und meine Lieblinge. Richtig toll geworden!

  • W
    Wiebke on 29.07.2021

    Platz 1 teilen sich bei mir die beiden Designs “White Blush” und “Copper Blossom”. Beide zeitlos schön!

  • I
    Ina on 29.07.2021

    Top Favorit auf jeden Fall Golden Veins :)

  • B
    Beate Buchberger on 29.07.2021

    Silver veins, copper blossom, unicorn Teams und die schlichte Maniküre sind die, die mir am Besten gefallen…..

  • A
    Annabell on 29.07.2021

    Ich bin verliebt in “Golden Veins” und “Chopper Blossom”. Diese goldenen und kupfernen traumhaft zu gebräunter Haut. Dezent aber chic! Perfekt!

  • Y
    Yvonne on 29.07.2021

    Copper Blouson ist mein Favorit. Aber die neuen Folien sind alle super schön

  • N
    Nadin on 29.07.2021

    Ich habe schon immer auf so etwas wie White Blush gehofft und freue mich gerade wie ein Schneekönig, dass es diese Nagelfolie jetzt gibt! :)

  • A
    Andrea on 29.07.2021

    Mir gefällt Copper Blossom am Besten 😊

  • J
    Jette on 29.07.2021

    White Blush und silver Lines 💞

  • J
    Jette on 29.07.2021

    White Blush finde ich mega 😍

  • N
    Nicole on 29.07.2021

    Silver Veins finde ich am schönsten 🥰🤍

  • J
    Julia Krabichler on 29.07.2021

    Sehr schwer zu sagen😊 glaub aber copper blossom

  • N
    Nicole Jäger on 29.07.2021

    Alle wunderschön 🙂 aber Unicorn Tears die schönste. 🙂

  • S
    Susanne on 29.07.2021

    Die Silver Veins schauen einfach mega gut aus :)

  • M
    Matthias on 29.07.2021

    Silver Lines finde ich am besten!

  • I
    Isabell on 29.07.2021

    Silver Veins ist mein Favorit :D