VITAMIN SEA COLLECTION Fresh breeze for your nails


One of this summer's most trending nail colors? Blue in all its beautiful shades! The color is surprisingly versatile and keeps you cool on a hot day. Our new "Vitamin Sea Collection“ will leave those who can’t stop thinking about white beaches and clear blue waters perfectly happy.

Eight ocean-inspired nail looks take you straight to your favorite beach or into the clear blue water – at least style-wise! Who says we can enjoy the sound of the ocean just on the coast? Beach bums definitely have to play with this refreshing mani trend at least before summer 2021 ends. Ready to go to the beach? Vamos!


Dream Island – turn your nails into a piece of art

Imagine, you’re flying in a small seaplane over the Maldives. You’re looking at the archipelago from a bird’s eye perspective and the breathtaking view gives you the chills. Our beautiful nail look "Dream Island“ takes inspiration from the paradisiacal landscapes you see from a bird’s eye view. These dazzling marble-style nail wraps bring you closer to paradise in an instant.


Coral Reef – summer-ready nails on fleek 

Our design "Coral Reef“ combines two mani trends of the season: it features different shades of blue and watercolor nail art. The playful yet sophisticated nail wraps complete your summery beauty look. Not ready for a full set? Mix and match the stunning design with solid nail wraps like our fresh green hue "Jade Green“. Playing with different looks is so much fun, especially when your bff joins the mani party.


Take Me To The Beach – a modern mani with a breath of retro

"Life feels just right when a beach is in sight“ is your life motto? We feel you! Our semi-transparent nail wraps "Take Me To The Beach“ is a cool twist on the classic clear manicure. Bold stripes on transparent foil make this nail look a stylish eye-catcher. It looks super cool with our matte Top Coat, if you ask us. Now grab your towel and SPF and feel those beach vibes!


Sunset Magic  – a dreamy take on the marble nail trend

Channel the most beautiful sunset with our gorgeous design "Sunset Magic“.  The eye-catching nail look brings the most beautiful shades found in the sky on your nails and make them look nothing short of amazing. Whether you wear a full set or mix and match the summery nail wraps with another design like "Vitamin Sea“ – these stunning marble-inspired nail wraps perfectly complete your summer wardrobe and bring on the summer vibes!


Vitamin Sea – true blue marble nails

Want to pay tribute to your favorite beach? This seaside-inspired design is probably the most beautiful way to express your love for the ocean. The show-stopping blue marble design looks oh so chic on your fingertips – and will turn heads. If you’re looking for a sophisticated summer mani, "Vitamin Sea“ is your way to go!


Salt Water – light blue nail wraps

Our nail wraps "Salt Water“ give your nails the perfect summer update! The pretty light blue hue is refreshing like a dip in the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean. Wear a full set or mix and match these nail wraps with another solid design like our cute pink nail looks "Soulmate“ or "Love Notes“. To create a modern and cool finish, apply our matte Top Coat. Splish splash, it looks so fresh!


Beach Waves – put the waved on you nails

Craving those magical beach holiday vibes? No problemo! Our semi-transparent nail wraps "Beach Waves“ take you straight to the prettiest sandy beach. The gorgeous blue hue and a breath of glitter is inspired by the sun glitter when the warming sunlight reflects from the waves. Such a fun way to spice up your summer manicure.


Turquoise Mosaic – Mediterranean vibes for your nails

Wish you were on vacation on your favorite island in the Mediterranean? "Turquoise Mosaic“ is a unique design that brings Mediterranean island vibes on your fingertips. To personalize your eye-catching summer mani, add a pretty accent nail. How about "Jade Green“ or "Marshmallow“? Channel your inner nail artist and experiment with patterns, colors and Top Coats.




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All you have to do is tell us which of our new designs is your favorite in the comments until  August 31th, 2021 at 23:59.

We keep our fingers crossed for you!

  • D
    Daniela Karaman on 13.09.2021

    Die Turquoise Mosaic finde ich am schönsten 😍🤩

  • M
    Mara on 02.09.2021

    Eine wunderschöne Kollektion! Am Meisten freue ich mich darauf, “take me to the beach” auszuprobieren!

  • M
    Mara on 02.09.2021

    Eine wunderschöne Kollektion! Am meisten freue ich mich darauf, “Take me to the beach” auszuprobieren 🏖

  • M
    Maxi on 02.09.2021

    Ihr habt euch wieder einmal selbst übertroffen <3 Coral Reef und Turquoise Mosaic sind meine Favoriten. Der Blick auf die Nägel lässt einen damit gedanklich wirklich an die Mittelmeerküste entschwinden :-)

  • O
    Orkide on 02.09.2021

    Turquoise Mosaic ❤️ Absoluter Favorit

  • A
    Annica Schlechter on 02.09.2021

    Turquoise Mosaic Ist so so schön 🌊💚🤍

  • M
    Maria on 02.09.2021

    Auch diese Collection sieht wieder traumhaft schön aus ✨ am meisten gefallen mir Turquoise Mosaic, Beach Waves und Vitamin Sea 🌊

  • S
    Stephanie on 02.09.2021

    Turquoise Mosaic ist wunderschön

  • C
    Christine on 31.08.2021

    Turquoise Mosaic ❤️

  • L
    Laura on 31.08.2021

    Meine Lieblinge sind Dream Island und Turquoise Mosaic :)

  • M
    Michelle Jung on 31.08.2021

    Turquoise Mosaic So tolle Alternative zu dem Moroccan Mosaic 😍

  • L
    Lisa on 31.08.2021

    Wirklich tolle Designs! Vitamin sea und coral reef sind meine Favoriten!!

  • F
    Franziska on 31.08.2021

    Turquoise Mosaic ❤🥰

  • S
    Sandra on 31.08.2021

    Also Turquoise Mosaic ist mein totaler Favorit und die anderen sind auch hübsch (:

  • S
    Stephanie on 31.08.2021

    Bei dieser schönen Kollektion ist es schwer sich zu entscheiden. Meine absoluten Favoriten sind Dream Island und Beach Waves 😍

  • K
    Katja on 31.08.2021

    Sunset magic ist einfach wunderschön 😍

  • F
    Farina on 31.08.2021

    Wunderschön geworden. Meine Lieblinge sind Turquoise Mosaic, Vitamin Sea und Sat Water.

  • C
    Celine on 31.08.2021

    Beach Waves – Maniküre für den Strand Finde ich am besten! Aber die ganze Kollektion ist richtig schön vorallem die Folien mit der transparent Mischung.

  • J
    Janna on 31.08.2021

    Vitamin Sea 💙

  • C
    Christina Fielhauer on 31.08.2021

    Mein absoluter Favorit ist turquoise Mosaic 😍❤️❤️❤️

  • F
    Francis on 31.08.2021

    Take me to the Beach 🌊

  • J
    Jasmin on 31.08.2021

    Dream Island und Coral Reef sind der absolute Wahnsinn!! Wunderschön 😍☀️🌊

  • L
    Luisa Kley on 31.08.2021

    Turquoise Mosaic und Coral Reef 😍

  • Y
    Yvi on 31.08.2021

    Turquoise Mosaic 😻😻😻😻🏝💙🍀

  • S
    Sandra on 31.08.2021

    Beach waves und türkis Mosaik