What's your Wedding Style?

The wedding season is in full swing! Busy times for couples getting married soon. Especially for the bride! The bridal hairstyle, accessories, make-up, and fingernails – everything must be on fleek for the wedding.

With our limited "Shine Bride Collection'' we want to help you make the most beautiful day of your life even more beautiful. Eight enchanting Nail Wrap designs are available. There's only one question you have to answer: which wedding type are you? We'll provide you with the matching Nail Wraps for your wedding look. Let's go!

Modern bridal nails



Are you planning a modern bridal look? Then we have the perfect Nail Wraps for your wedding. The Nail Wraps Love Lines conjure up a stylish wedding mani with precious gold lines on a light base that goes great with a clean and contemporary bridal look. Make sure that your jewellery and especially the wedding ring match the metallic accents on the Nail Wraps so that the entire look is perfectly coherent.

Also modern and stylish, although a little more romantic: our Nail Wraps Save The Date. The semi-transparent nail design beautifully combines modern nail art with classic sophistication. Anyone who wants modern wedding nails with that certain something is going to love these pretty Nail Wraps.

Romantic wedding nails



Do you want your wedding to be the most romantic event of the year? Then we are happy to assist you with our Nail Wraps on your big day. The floral nail look Romantic Garden is the perfect choice if you want an enchanting manicure for your wedding that beautifully complements the bridal bouquet and wedding hairstyle with a cute flower crown.

Or how about this cutie? Our Ombré Nail Wraps I Said Yes! provide cute statement nails for your wedding. Playful motifs such as small hearts and the beautiful pink color gradient make these Nail Wraps probably the prettiest accessory for the bride. With these bridal nails, saying yes will feel even more romantic!

Glamorous bridal nails



For your wedding, you want to turn into the princess that everyone sees in you anyway? Our bridal Nail Wraps Shine Bride will awaken your inner Cinderella. The romantic ombré nail art is rounded off with a beautifully shimmering finish that gives your wedding look an irresistibly glamorous touch.

The Nail Wraps Marbleous Glaze are another ultra chic and elegant bridal mani. The eye-catching marble look with glamorous gold accents makes your bridal nails a show-stopper that will not only catch the eyes of the groom … 100 % guaranteed!

Alluring wedding nails 



Your bridal gown is sexy and sassy? If you're a rebel at heart and also want to put on a seductive show on your wedding day, you'll love the cute Nail Wraps Buttercream. Cheeky motifs like sexy lace and pretty butterflies will make the butterflies in your stomach dance all the wilder. Sassy but classy!

Classic bridal nails

Now that we have introduced you to so many special ideas for your wedding mani, let's check out our gorgeous Nail Wraps Mousse Au Chocolat. The timelessly beautiful nude look conjures up beautiful neutral nails that beautifully complement any wedding dress. Subtle, stunning and always a great choice. Simply flawless! 

We wish all the pretty lovebirds out there lots of fun with their wedding preparations. Much Love! Which one is your favourite design from the “Shine Bride Collection”? Leave a comment below!