What Type of Ice Cream Lover are you?

Summer, sun, time for ice cream! Good thing, our new "Scream For Ice Cream Collection" is here to make those summer vibes perfect. Which ice cream flavor do you have your heart set on? And which Nail Wraps match your taste? Sweet, fruity or mixed? Let's find out and check out the Miss Sophie ice cream bar!

Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry



When you go to the ice cream parlor, you don't have to think twice. Your choice usually falls on the classics: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, maybe sometimes walnut or a delicious iced coffee. Modern creations such as chocolate chili will not find their way into your ice cream cone. If you prefer timeless indulgence, you are likely to love these Nail Wraps:

🍦 Nail Wraps "Strawberry Sundae" for summery swirl nails

🍦 Nail Wraps "Iced Coffee" for refreshingly cool ombré nails 

🍦 Nail Wraps "First Kiss" for nails like yummy strawberry ice cream

Fruity berry ice cream



Your favorite ice cream must be one thing above all: fruity! Whether it's raspberry, cherry, strawberry or wild berry—the taste of fresh berries lift your mood instantly. If you are a huge berry lover, then these Nail Wraps are made for you:

🍓 Nail Wraps "Hot Pink" for radiant pink summer nails

🍓 Nail Wraps "Very Berry" for crispy and vibrant finger and toe nails

🍓 Nail Wraps "Cranberry" for fruity pink nails, also for pedicures

Light sorbet


Creamy ice cream isn't really your thing, you're more into refreshingly light sorbets? Mango, lemon, blackberry or even a mint sorbet ... yum! Makes our mouths water, too. On offer for all sorbet lovers, we have the following Nail Wraps in the Miss Sophie ice cream parlor: 

🍋 Nail Wraps "Sunny Side Up!" and "Lemon Buttermilk" for fresh Summer Nails

🍋 Nail Wraps "Sugar Swirl" for a manicure as colorful as a mixed sorbet

🍋 Nail Wraps "Melt For You" for nails like a delicious mint strawberry sorbet

Mixed sundae for kids



When it comes to ice cream, your inner child leads the way? Colorful sprinkles, loads of different scoops, the legendary Pinocchio sundae with a wafer or blue smurf ice cream—if these classics are your first choice at the ice cream parlor, the following Nail Wraps are the perfect match for your summer manicure:

🍨 Nail Wraps "Scream For Ice Cream" for sugary sweet nails with little ice cream cones

🍨 Nail Wraps "Birthday Cake" for all those who love their ice cream with colorful sprinkles

🍨 Nail Wraps "Fortune Cookie" for fans of fortune cookies and smurf ice cream 

So? Which flavor are you going for? Let's all SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!