New: Miss Sophie UV Gel Wraps!


We have teamed up with our new partner alessandro and considered which new innovative products we can develop. Since alessandro is an absolute pioneer and expert in the gel polish sector and Miss Sophie is an expert in the Nail Wraps sector, we were able to develop a new product together and launch it on the market: innovative UV Gel Wraps that replace gel varnish. With the UV Gel Wraps you get the look and feel of gel polish, but in a shorter time and easier application.



You could already achieve beautiful and well-groomed nails quickly and easily with our Miss Sophie Nail Wraps. Now we have developed a new innovative method, namely UV Gel Wraps, which will replace your gel polish. In this blog post, we're going to take a closer look at this new beauty option and why you're going to absolutely love it.


What are UV Gel Wraps?


UV Gel Wraps are stick-on gel polishes and a perfect alternative for anyone looking for a cheaper and more time-saving version of the gel manicure. Goodbye nail salon! Available in a wide range of colors, patterns and designs, our UV Gel Wraps also offer a quick and easy way to create stunning nail art. Miss Sophie has established itself as a renowned brand in the beauty world and our new UV Gel Wraps are a must for anyone looking to beautify their nails with little effort and big impact.



Application of the Miss Sophie UV Gel Wraps


The application of Miss Sophie UV Gel Wrapss is very easy and requires no special skills. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the slides at home:



Clean your natural nail with the Miss Sophie Cleaning Pad. Next, gently push back the cuticles using the included wooden stick.



Each UV Gel Wrap set contains various sizes. Choose the appropriate size of the UV Gel Wrap for your nail. If you are unsure between two sizes, opt for the smaller size or trim it to fit.



Remove the transparent protective film and carefully detach the UV Gel Wrap from the backing paper. Place the UV Gel Wrap in the center of your nail, leaving a small gap from the cuticle. Press the UV Gel Wrap in the middle first and then firmly along the edges.



Fold the excess part of the UV Wrap down or trim it below your nail tip. Gently file the excess part in one direction along the nail edge using a nail file.



Press the edges of the UV Gel Wrap firmly onto your nail.



Connect the Miss Sophie UV LED lamp to a power source. Place your index, middle, ring, and little finger under the UV LED lamp and switch it on. Wait for 1 minute. The UV LED lamp will automatically turn off after 1 minute. Repeat the step for your thumb.



Apply the Miss Sophie Nail Oil to the cuticles. Dip the tip of the wooden stick into the Nail Oil and gently lift the UV Gel Wraps from one side. Use the moistened stick to dissolve the adhesive layer between the nail and the UV Gel Wraps. Working from one side to the other and not against the growth direction. Re-moisten the wooden stick with Nail Oil after each movement or apply nail oil under the UV Gel Wraps.




What are the differences between the Miss Sophie Nail Wraps and the UV Gel Wraps?


With our Miss Sophie UV Gel Wraps, we have created an alternative that differs from our classic Nail Wraps in a few ways:


Miss Sophie Nail Wraps

Miss Sophie UV Gel Wraps

- no UV lamp required

- no top coat needed

- nail polish look

- gel look

- thinner material

- thicker material

- DIY manicure at home

- DIY gel manicure at home

- quick and gentle removal with Miss Sophie Nail Wrap Remover

- quick and gentle removal with Miss Sophie Nail Oil

Are there similarities between the Miss Sophie Nail Wraps and UV Gel Wraps?


Yes absolutely! The two types of Miss Sophie Nail Wraps have a lot in common. Here are a few reasons why you should try both:


Many designs: Miss Sophie offers a wide range of designs, ranging from classic to striking and extravagant. There is something for every occasion and taste.


Easy and quick application: Compared to more complicated nail techniques, Miss Sophie Nail Wraps and UV Gel Wraps are easy and quick to apply and do not require any special skills or experience.


Long lasting result: The Miss Sophie Nail Wraps and UV Gel Wraps offer excellent durability and stay beautiful for weeks without peeling or fading.


Protection of the natural nails: The thin Wraps protect the natural nails, as they are not subjected to as much stress as when using acrylic or gel.


In addition to the classic Nail Wraps, the UV Gel Wraps from Miss Sophie also offer a fantastic opportunity to beautify your nails. With an easy application, a wide range of designs and a staying power of up to 3 weeks on the nails, they are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a simple and practical gel look nail art option. Try out the UV Gel Wraps and be sure to let us know what you think of them!