"Scream For Ice Cream" our Summer Collection is here!



Actually, one should do everything in the summer to cool down. Sorry, darlings! We're heating up the summer a little bit more - with our new Summer Collection "Scream For Ice Cream''! Cool nails are guaranteed with the designs from this gorgeous limited Summer Collection. In addition to current nail trends such as stylish Swirl Nails and bright Neon Nails, the collection also includes cute Nail Wraps with summery motifs. Curtain up for the "Scream For Ice Cream Collection''!

Ice Cream Nails with "Scream For Ice Cream" Nail Wraps



Ice, ice, baby! Summertime is ice cream time. And we're taking that pretty seriously this year, wearing little ice cream cones on our fingernails, too. The Nail Wraps "Scream For Ice Cream" are the signature look of our Summer Collection 2022 and it doesn't just make you want creamy ice cream, the design simply spreads pure joie de vivre. The package contains three different Nail Wraps, which are nicely matching each other. You decide how you want to wear the design. Keeping cool is a breeze with this manicure. What flavor of ice cream would you like?



Neon Nails with the "Hot Pink" Nail Wraps



Hot, hotter, "Hot Pink"! These Nail Wraps effortlessly raise the hotness factor of your summer look. The radiant pink is the perfect nail design for all those who are keen on the trendy Neon Nails mani. This color is also simply a show-stopper when paired with "Fortune Cookie" or with another accent nail. How about a "Scream For Ice Cream Collection" Nail Wraps with a cute ice cream cone motif?

Let the sunshine in with the yellow Nail Wraps "Sunny Side Up!" 



You're a genuine little Miss Sunshine and want to express your sweet spirit through your beauty looks? Then the Nail Wraps "Sunny Side Up!" are made for you. The radiant yellow color looks especially beautiful on sun-kissed skin. And with every glance at your nails, your mood lifts, according to color psychology. Because yellow stands for brightness, vitality, happiness and an optimistic attitude. And we all can't seem to get enough of that, can we? Apart from that, these summery Nail Wraps just look très chic. Step out of line with nails on fleek – we love it!

Statement Nails with the Nail Wraps "Fortune Cookie"



After 2020 and 2021, once again, the year 2022 challenges us quite a lot. Although we can enjoy the summer without many restrictions, we are affected by the current political situation in the world. So what do we need at this time? Confidence, courage and trust! The Nail Wraps "Fortune Cookie" come in the radiant Pantone color of the year 2022 - Very Peri. This hue symbolizes equally confidence, renewal and new beginnings. On your nails, these positive statement nails just look ultra stylish. Are you ready for a burst of color?

Summery Sprinkle Nails with the Nail Wraps "Birthday Cake



Did you have the manicure trend Sprinkle Nails on your beauty radar already? If not, you're about to get to know it. Sprinkle Nails are inspired by colorful sprinkles that make ice cream, cakes and other sweet treats look even more delicious. Not only kids love them, we also can't get enough of colorful sugar sprinkles and wear them on our nails this summer. The Nail Wraps "Birthday Cake" conjure up the good mood look on your digits. Isn't this one cute as candy?



Refreshingly beautiful: the Nail Wraps "Lemon Buttermilk"



What could be more refreshing in summer than a delicious lemonade, a little limoncello or a yummy lemon sorbet? Our Nail Wraps "Lemon Buttermilk" provide tangy summer vibes. The Nail Wraps included in the package – pretty lemons and solids in a summery yellow hue - complement each other just perfectly. This manicure is not only the perfect beauty accessory for a trip to Italy's famous Amalfi Coast, where the aromatic Amalfi lemons grow. Also, for a summer in the city, these Nail Wraps are the perfect match.



Swirl Nails with the Nail Wraps "Strawberry Sundae"



The Swirl Nail Trend has certainly not bypassed manicure fans. Whether on Instagram, Pinterest or in the nail salon - this playful nail look is perhaps THE mani trend of the summer of 2022. With the Nail Wraps "Strawberry Sundae", you can create the look within minutes. Instead of sitting in the nail studio, you can go outside and enjoy the sun. Quite nice, isn't it? 



Nail Wraps “Sugar Swirl" for pastel Swirl Nails



The Nail Wraps "Sugar Swirl" in delicate cotton candy colors also tie in with the nail trend Swirl Nails. A small crescent-shaped detail also adorns the Nail Wraps, giving them a particularly modern touch. Anyone who is into cute candy colors and trendy mani looks will have a hard time resisting this sweet temptation. Anyway, we are blown away by this nail look. How about you?

"Scream For Ice Cream Set” with eight summery Nail Wrap designs

You can' t decide on just one of the eight Nail Wrap designs because you just like them all way too much? No problem! With the "Scream For Ice Cream Set", you will receive the complete Summer Collection, so you can have a fun-filled manicure party all summer long. Whether it's Neon Nails, Swirl Nails or summery motifs - this set is an absolute must-have for the summer season.






To celebrate the launch of the "Scream For Ice Cream Collection" we are giving away an amazing Summer Set for your nails. It contains: 


- the complete Collection with all eight designs 

- Base Coat 

- Top Coat glossy 

- Glass Nail File

- Nail Wrap Remover


Just comment below this article which design of the "Scream For Ice Cream Collection" is your favorite. The competition ends on 15th of August 2022 at 23:59. Best of luck!

We wish you a great summer and lots of fun with the new Nail Wraps. Which design is your number 1?

  • C
    Christine P le 16.08.2022

    Strawberry Sundae und Lemon Buttermilk, die sehen einfach klasse aus!

  • A
    Alexandra Deutsch le 16.08.2022

    Die Kollektion macht richtig gute Laune, aber mein absoluter Favorit ist Hot Pink.

  • L
    Lena Redl le 16.08.2022

    Definitiv ☀️ “Sunny Side Up!”

  • C
    Claudia Becker le 16.08.2022

    Ich finde Sugar Swirl am besten. Tolle Sommerfarben!

  • J
    Janika Stubbe le 11.08.2022

    Mein Favorit ist Lemon Buttermilk 😍🍋 Finde es toll, dass es zum 1. Mal eine Kombi mit Muster und Uni in einer Folien-Packung gibt 🤩

  • G
    G Kohlmeyer le 11.08.2022

    Sunny Side Up ☀️

  • K
    Katja Gmeiner le 11.08.2022

    Lemon buttermilk ist my favorit.
    But all are gorgeous!