Summer Nail Trend Neon Nails 



Showing your true color is always a good thing. Neon color is now even better, because neon nails are now back on track. Whether pink, neon yellow or even radiant blue – the color intensity increases with rising temperatures. 

Admittedly, it takes a little courage to wear this trend, because obviously these bold hues can't be overlooked. However, the courage is rewarded with numerous compliments and admiring glances! By the way: In the 80s neon colors were a must in every closet and beauty case. This summer, things look quite similar!

Pink Neon Nails to match your outfit


Whether on the runway or on Instagram – neon pink is the trend color of the season. Fashion girls like Instagram-Beauty Leonie Hanne are wearing pink from head to toe – even on the beach. If you'd rather just add a crisp neon accent or coordinate your nails with your summer outfit, you can easily conjure up the perfect neon manicure with our Nail Wraps.


The Nail Wraps "Hot Pink" from our limited "Scream For Ice Cream Collection" are the ultimate match for those who have declared pink their favorite color this summer. With our matte Top Coat, the pink Nail Wraps look extra stylish and smooth. Complement your summer manicure with a pink lipstick or a sexy lip gloss in a similar shade.

"Scream For Ice Cream Collection" – Summer Vibes for your Nails



In addition to "Hot Pink", our new Summer Collection "Scream For Ice Cream" features two other flashy Nail Wrap designs: "Sunny Side Up!" and "Fortune Cookie". Let's take a closer look at these beauties.

Neon yellow Nail Wraps to boost your summer glow

The Nail Wraps "Sunny Side Up!" will put you in a good mood for sure. The bright yellow beautifully enhances bronzed skin. If you want to rock a cool neon mani with summery yellow on your fingertips, then these Nail Wraps are made for you!

Nail Wraps "Fortune Cookie" put the color of the year on the digits 

With "Fortune Cookie" we have created Nail Wraps in the Pantone color of the year 2022 "Very Peri". The refreshing shade ranges somewhere between blue and purple. This shade is impossible to grasp – and that's what makes it so exciting. If you're in the mood for trendy Neon Nails, but prefer to take it down a notch color-wise, you'll love these Nail Wraps. 


If you're still a little shaky because neon colors are a new thing for you, you can slowly get to grips with this mani trend. Simply place single neon Nail Wraps as accent nails. This way, you can spice up your manicure, but still stay within your comfort zone in terms of color. 

We hope you enjoy this sizzling hot summer trend, sweethearts!