Rosewood Love

Nail Wraps
Laisse-toi séduire par notre design Rosewood Love et immerge dans univers au look palissandre. Cette couleur unie te donnera une apparence soignée et chic. Il s'appariera facilement avec Make A Wish ou Secret Garden, ce qui relèvera davantage l'élégance de tes doigts.
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•  24 ultra-thin Nail Wraps in different sizes
•  Simple and self-adhesive
•  Suitable for fingernails and toenails
•  Keeps on natural and painted, acrylic, gel and shellac nails
    Package content
    • No animal testing
    • Tolerates with disinfectant
    • Made from recyclable material
    • Conform to CE marking
    • Green Dot
      Green Dot


      Clean your natural nail before you apply the Nail Wraps with nail polish remover, to free them from grease and dirt. Excess cuticle must be pushed back or removed from the nail, otherwise, there's a danger of the Nail Wrap sticking to the cuticle. As a consequence of this, the Nail Wrap does not stick completely to the nail, allowing air and moisture to move under. This will interfere with the durability of the product.

      Tip: For sensitive or damaged nails, we recommend a nourishing and restorative base coat of your choice to apply before using. Even with grooves and strong structures in the natural nail, we recommend a strengthening base coat to compensate for bumps. In this case, the natural nail must not be treated with polish remover, as the base coat provides a good and oil-free base for Nail Wrap application.


      2. SIZE:

      A sheet of 24 Nail Wraps contain seven different sizes from which you can choose the appropriate size for your nail. If you're between sizes or are otherwise unsure, it is better to choose the smaller size. With gel nails, sizing can vary as each person has different nail curvatures.

      Tip: If the Nail Wrap is still too large, you can trim it down to the required size. This is done directly on the carrier foil. Keep in mind that frequently touching the adhesive on the back of the Nail Wrap results in the adhesive losing its durability. Small adjustments to the Nail Wrap can be done easily with a cuticle remover, gently and directly on the nail.


      3. STICK:

      Pull the Nail Wrap carefully from the carrier foil and place it centered on your nail. Avoid pulling the Nail Wrap unnecessarily over the nail edge, as it returns to the original shape after applying the Top Coat.

      Tip: If there's a protrusion over the nail due to an overly long nail fold, you can cut it off and use it later for another nail.


      4. FILE DOWN:

      After folding down the Nail Wrap (Do not pull!), file vertically downward with Miss Sophie glass nail file. This job is best suited to our glass nail file, due to its soft grain.

      Tip: It's important to carefully file off the Nail Wrap in a direction along the nail edge. Avoid to file in different directions, otherwise, an unsightly edge is created.


      5. SEALING:

      Seal the Nail Wraps with a thin layer Miss Sophie Top Coat to ensure the best possible stability. The Top Coat on the Nail Wrap can be replenished with another layer after a few days. Thick layers of Top Coat may result in the separation of Nail Wrap and nail. Therefore always apply a thin layer of the Top Coat.

      Tip: When applying the Top Coat, make sure to cover the front edge of the nail. This will seal it properly and make it more robust. In case of slight wear after a few days, the nail edge can easily be filed and you can seal it with another thin layer of Miss Sophie Top Coat.



      Please do not pull the Nail Wraps directly from your nails. Dip a cotton pad in nail polish remover and put it on the nail design - allow it to be absorbed briefly, to easily wipe off the Nail Wrap.

      Tip: For gel and acrylic nails - soak a cotton pad in acetone-free nail polish remover and place it for 2-3 minutes on the Nail Wraps. Thereafter, the Nail Wraps can be easily peeled from the gel/acrylic nails.

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