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Sparkling Stars (20)

Nail Wraps

Sparkling Stars will make your nails shine like never before! 


Purify your natural nail before the application of the film with nail polish remover and remove excess cuticles.

Tip: Our nail foils can be acrylic, gel, shellac and apply to conventional nail polish.

2. SIZE:

Opt for your nail the right size from the slide set. If you unsure between two sizes should be, so choose the best smaller film.

Tip: If a film is too large, you can cut it with a nail scissors on the sheet of paper to the right size.


Pull the nail foil from the foil paper and place it centrally on your nail. Tricks the film carefully laid of the center of your nail to the edges.

Tip: Avoid it unnecessary to pull the film, otherwise it contracts after filing off again and then the nail edge can be seen.


Cut the long end of the film a few millimeters over your nail edge, so you can possibly use for another nail this. Fold the excess film end under your nail edge and inexpensive this carefully with the glass nail file along the nail edge from./p>


Seal finally the film with a thin layer top coat for an optimum result. Depending on requirements, the design can be refreshed with another thin layer of top coat after a few days.