About Us

Every woman knows it: your beauty routine takes more time than desired daily. Miss Sophie goal is to deliver products that bring out the best in every woman. Our innovative products save time and work reliably, so that women can feel confident and safe knowing that their routine's taken care of.

Day after day, Sophie works constantly with her customers to improve her innovative, life-improving products. Along with her terrific team of enthusiastic beauty lovers, creative minds and experts - she's innovating the industry. It's why we look forward to going global, and reaching as many women as possible.

Sophie Kühn

Founder, Miss Sophie

Innovative Beauty Products

Miss Sophie is constantly getting feedback from customers to create innovative beauty products that make life easier. These products highlight the best features of each customer and makes them stylish enough to handle everyday life with ease.

From woman to woman

Through her own experience Sophie's goal is to protect women and in every situation and to encourage them to forge their own paths.


Miss Sophie is sustainable across all areas. There's a huge emphasis on organic growth and great shared team values. We partner with businesses we trust and that share our values with us, it's just as important as delivering innovative products to you. None of our products are tested on animals and all products are non-harmful, vegan, halal and safe for use by pregnant women.

Miss Sophie Nail Wraps

Solving a problem of many women

It all started with nail polish, which simply could not stand against salt and salt water in Montpellier. Sophie's a beauty lover, who was on her semester abroad. Still in college, she developed innovative Nail Wraps in 2014 and founded her own company when she was 24. Her determination is reflected in her products. The Nail Wraps are efficient and easy to apply, saving you precious time. They're long lasting too! Sophie wants to encourage every woman to feel carefree and find her own way.