FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Questions about our Nail Wraps

Who develops the designs of the Nail Wraps?

All designs of Miss Sophie are developed by us. We find inspiration everywhere in the world. From the latest nail trends from New York to current fashion trends and well-known nail art influencers – our trend scouts are always busy tracking down the latest trends so we can create the most beautiful and coolest Nail Wraps for you. Just in time for each season, we launch new designs and fresh colors. With our Nail Wraps, your nails always meet the current zeitgeist and perfectly match the season.

Are there any deviations from the colors of the Nail Wraps on the website?

Please note that the screen colors can not reflect the actual color tone. Therefore they are not binding. The colors displayed on the screen may vary depending on the setting and screen and may differ from the original colors.

What material are the Nail Wraps made of?

Our Nail Wraps are made of a similar material to nail polish, but have been processed differently . As a result, our Nail Wraps are wafer-thin, so they fit perfectly on your nails. Miss Sophie Nail Wraps consist of a carrier foil, which is printed on with various colors and designs. Our Nail Wraps are recyclable and subject to CE marking. We strongly care about sustainability and animal welfare. Our Nail Wraps and our hand care are cruelty-free and vegan. No animal testing is performed.


How customer reviews are created?

Each rating (review) was written by a customer of the respective product. The published reviews are only a part, of the received ratings. Reviews without text are only included in the overall rating. Reviews that do not comply with the usual manners will not be published. Spelling errors are partially corrected by the editors before they are displayed.



2. Questions about the application 

How many manicures can I do with one set of Nail Wraps?

A regular set contains 24 Nail Wraps. From time to time, we offer limited sets that contain less Nail Wraps. Both sets contain Nail Wraps in different sizes. If you cut a Nail Wrap in half, you can use it for two nails. Therefore, one set is usually enough for four applications. However, a worn Nail Wrap can’t be reused.

How long does a manicure with Miss Sophie Nail Wraps last?

Our Nail Wraps last up to two weeks if you seal them with a thin layer of Miss Sophie Top Coat. First clean your nails with our Nail Wrap Remover to remove any grease and dirt. We also recommend carefully pushing back the cuticles beforehand, so that the Nail Wrap doesn't accidentally stick over the cuticles and detaches from the nail.

Can I put nail polish under the Miss Sophie Nail Wraps?

A nail strengthening nail polish can be used if needed and for additional care. Our Base Coat evens out slight unevenness and provides additional protection to your natural nail. If you want to go from gel nails back to natural nails, our Base Coat is a great choice. 

What do I do if one of the pre-cut sizes in the set does not fit properly?

Our Nail Wraps are so thin that you can easily cut them to size. This works best when the Nail Wrap still sticks to the carrier foil. This way, you can also cut the largest Nail Wraps in the set, which are intended for toenails, to fit exactly and use them for your fingernails.

How do I remove Miss Sophie Nail Wraps?

To remove the Nail Wraps, soak a cotton pad in our Nail Wrap Remover, place it on your nail and let it work for a moment. After that, the Nail Wrap will come off and can be removed just like regular nail polish. Alternatively you can use a nail polish remover. If any adhesive remains at the edge of the nail, remove it with our Nail Oil. Please do not peel the Nail Wrap off your nails. This could damage your natural nails.

3. Questions about the company 

How did the idea for Miss Sophie come about?

The idea of Miss Sophie came from a personal experience. During a semester abroad in the South of France, Miss Sophie founder Sophie Kuehn noticed how quickly nail polish chips off at  the beach. Even the most expensive nail polish couldn't withstand the sun and salt water. While researching, she came across a new product. She tested it and improved it until she finally came to the solution to her initial problem – innovative Nail Wraps that replace nail polish, last longer and look amazing on your fingertips.

Who are the people behind Miss Sophie?

Miss Sophie is a Berlin-based startup founded in December 2014. Our team is composed of many creative minds and highly professional talents, who constantly enrich the brand and fill it with lots of personality.

4. Questions about the payment and shipping 

What payment methods does Miss Sophie offer?

The payment process at Miss Sophie is secure, fast, and simple. Payment options we offer:

  • PayPal (debit and credit card, PayPal account)
  • by invoice with Amazon Pay 
  • by Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestrocard, American Express)

How can I redeem a coupon?

In the checkout, under your order summary, you will find the field labeled " Gift card or discount code". Enter the voucher code and click "Apply".

At which step is my order submitted and saved?

The order is placed as soon as all steps of the checkout process have been completed and you have received a confirmation email from us. Please note that the specified shipping time only counts from the receipt of the shipping confirmation email.

Why was my payment not accepted?

This can have several reasons. Please contact us via the contact form so that we can find a solution as soon as possible.

Which countries does Miss Sophie deliver to?

We currently deliver to all over Europe. You can read the exact delivery details here in the FAQ.

Who pays the customs fees for my parcel?

International customers: Import duties, taxes, and fees are not included in the price of the item or the shipping costs. These fees are the responsibility of the buyer. Check with your country's customs office to find out what additional charges will apply before purchasing. Miss Sophie is not responsible for any additional fees or customs charges that a country may impose.

Does Miss Sophie deliver to pack stations?

Yes. We ship with DHL and can therefore deliver to pack stations.

Please note that our default delivery service is currently DHL, and therefore we cannot deliver to Hermes parcel shops.

How long does the delivery take?

Germany: 3-5 working days

Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Hungary, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom: 4-8 working days

Please note that the stated shipping time counts only from the date of receipt of the shipping confirmation by mail.

What are the shipping costs for my order?


DHL package insured shipping: €3.90 (free shipping from €49)

Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands

DHL parcel insured shipping: €4.99 (free shipping from €59)

Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Hungary, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom: DHL parcel insured shipping: €9.99 (free shipping from €59)

5. Questions about the order process 

How do I make an order?

By clicking on the tab "Shop" you will get to the overview of our products. By clicking on the button "Add to cart", you put your selected items into the virtual shopping cart. At the top right of the navigation bar, you can find your shopping cart. You can access it at any time during the ordering process and make changes. 

By clicking on the button "Checkout", you complete your order and will be redirected to the log-in/registration. You can then complete your address/Pack station details and click on the payment option. Check your order and complete it by clicking "Buy". Further assistance will be provided at each step of the order process on the respective page.

Can I pay for my order securely online?

You can read more about this in our privacy policy.

How does Miss Sophie handle personal data?

You can read more about this in our privacy policy.

Can I change or cancel my order later?

If you want to change or cancel your order, please get in touch with our customer service via the contact form.

How can I get a copy of my invoice?

You will receive an invoice for your order by mail/post as soon as we have received your payment. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

I have received a package that does not correspond to my order. Who can I contact?

Sorry! This should not happen. Please email us via our contact form so that we can fix the problem as soon as possible.

I would like to return my order. How do I proceed?

Please note that a refund can only be considered if the products are returned to us unopened and unused. Write an email to our customer service via our contact form. As soon as we have received the return and have checked it, you will receive a credit note from us. Unfortunately, we currently can not offer to cover the costs for the return shipment. We kindly ask you to stamp your return sufficiently. You find more information on this in our refund policy.