UV Gel Wraps Application

Step 1


Clean your natural nails thoroughly with the Miss Sophie cleaning pad. Then carefully push back the cuticles with the enclosed wooden stick.

Step 2


Each UV gel nail foil set contains different sizes. Choose the right size of UV gel nail foils for your nail.

If you are unsure between two sizes, choose the smaller size or cut it to size.

Step 3


Remove the transparent protective foil and carefully detach the UV gel nail foil from the carrier foil. Stick the UV gel nail foil in the center of your nail and leave a small gap to the cuticle. Press the UV gel nail foil first in the center and then carefully at the edges.

Step 4


Fold over the protruding part of the UV gel nail foil or cut it off under the tip of your nail. Carefully file off the protruding part with the nail file in one direction along the nail edge.

Press the UV gel nail foils firmly onto your nail at the edges.

Step 5


Connect the Miss Sophie UV LED lamp to a power source. Place your index, middle, ring and little finger centrally under the UV LED lamp and switch it on. Wait 1 minute. The UV LED lamp will automatically turn off after 1 minute.

Repeat the step for your thumb.


Apply the Miss Sophie nail oil to the cuticles. Soak the tip of the wooden stick in the nail oil and carefully lift the UV gel nail foils from one side. Use the soaked stick to loosen the adhesive layer between the nail and the UV gel nail foil.

Work from one side to the other and not with the direction of growth. Soak the wooden stick with the nail oil again after each movement or drip the nail oil under the UV gel nail foils.