“After Forever”Screening in Berlin

The story of Tessa and Hardin takes a new turn—and we joined them! Together with a group of around 30 VIPs, we celebrated the premiere of “After Forever” during an exclusive screening event at Berlin's legendary Zoo Palast. The ambience of the cult cinema in Berlin's West, which was newly remodelled a few years ago, provided the perfect setting for a very special movie night.

Tessa and Hardin's adventure continues! In German cinemas from August 25th

Tessa (Josephine Langford) and Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) face a tough decision: should they continue to try to hold on to their toxic relationship, or is it time for Tessa to pull herself together and cut ties with Hardin for good?

While Hardin remains in London after his mother's wedding and must face his terrifying past, Tessa returns to Seattle and suffers a personal tragedy. 

For their love to survive and for the two to embark on a future together full of hope and passion, they must first work on themselves. But will their paths lead them back to each other?



Miss Sophie x After Forever 

You just can't help but get all emotional about this story. The air in the room seemed to be electrified and filled with major emotions.  No surprise, given this passionate love story, which originally began as fan fiction by the author Anna Todd on the Internet and then became an international best-selling book and a hit in cinemas around the globe. 

Of course, we celebrated the movie highlight with our wonderful guests in the finest Miss Sophie tradition: with delicious snacks, drinks, and great goodie bags that made the amazing event even a little more exciting and fun. In addition to our Starter Set with beautiful Nail Wraps, our guests were delighted to receive some fantastic goodies, such as the “After Forever” book. We certainly look back on a fantastic movie night with beautiful people! 

If you want to be swept away by this passionate love story, you should definitely watch “After Forever” in the movies. On Instagram and Facebook you can dive deeper into Tessa and Hardin's story.




“After Forever” Giveaway 


We have a great surprise for fans of Tessa, Hardy and our Nail Wraps. We are giving away 5×2 cinema tickets including a Miss Sophie starter package with the Nail Wrap designs "Poisoned Apple" and "Golden Dust". If that's not another highlight! Sounds good? Then enter the competition now and share it with your friends. All you have to do is leave a comment with a heart ❤ until August 31st at 11:59 PM. Fingers crossed, Sweethearts! 





Here are a few impressions of the “After Forever” screening in Berlin. Enjoy!





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    Love it ❤️

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    Emi on 29.08.2022

    Wow klasse der Saal aussah 😍 total schöne Idee mit den Goodie Bags!
    Total liebevoll 😍❤️ Ich nutze eure Nagelfolien seitdem ich diese geschenkt bekommen habe & liebe sie einfach ❤️😍

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    Emi on 29.08.2022