Nail Wraps Application

Step 1


Push back cuticles: Soften your cuticles in a lukewarm hand bath and gently push them back. This step is important because air and moisture can get under the nail wraps when the nail foil sticks to the cuticle. The durability cannot be guaranteed in this way.

Clean natural nails: Now clean your natural nails with a gentle nail polish remover to remove oil, nail polish residue or dirt. You can use our gentle Nail Wrap Remover to optimally prepare your nails for the Nail Wraps.

By the way: Our Nail Wraps can be glued on acrylic nails, gel nails, shellac, or nail polish. Carefully clean your nails and balance out any unevenness with a buffer. 

Apply a thin layer of our Base Coat to even out the surface. Now your nails are perfectly prepared for the next step. 

Step 2


A set of 24 nail foils contains seven different sizes from which you can choose the right size for your nail. If you are unsure between two sizes, choose the smaller nail foil. For gel nails, note the nail curvature and choose the larger foil if necessary.

Tip: You can simply cut the appropriate size on the backing paper. Finer details can be carefully cut directly on the nail with a cuticle remover.

Step 3


Remove the protective foil and carefully detach the nail foil from the carrier foil. Touch the adhesive side as little as possible. Stick the nail foil onto the center of the nail. Be careful not to stick the nail foil to the skin. Now smooth the nail wraps from the center of the nail to the edges.

Avoid pulling the nail foil over the nail edge. The wraps can retract to their original shape after applying the top coat.

Step 4


Cut off the excess length a bit above the edge of the nail and glue the remaining piece back onto the carrier foil. This way you can use it later for another nail.

Fold the overhanging foil in the direction of the fingertip without pulling and press the foil firmly onto the nail edge. Now file off the excess length with our Glass Nail File.

Tip: Move the file gently in one direction. Avoid filing roughly back and forth, otherwise an unsightly edge or "tip wear" can occur at the nail edge.

Step 5


Seal the nail foils with our top coat. Choose glossy for a shiny finish, matte for a velvet matte look. Apply only a thin layer to the nail plate and nail edge. Refresh the seal for extra long hold after a few days by applying a thin layer of top coat again.

Tip: If the nail edge is slightly worn, file it off carefully after a few days and seal the manicure again.


Soak a cotton pad in our acetone-free Nail Wrap Remover. Place it on the nail, press gently and let it work for a while. Then wipe off the cotton pad with light pressure towards the fingertip.

Important: Please never pull off the nail foils. This could damage your natural nail.

Tip: For gel and acrylic nails, place a cotton pad soaked in acetone-free nail polish remover on the nail wraps for two to three minutes. After that, the foils can simply be pulled off the artificial nail.