CANDY SHOP COLLECTION Hello, summer nails!


Summertime, time, time … when the living is easy and finally we say ‚yes‘ to vibrant colors that flatter our summer glow. When the sun’s out, it’s time to give your manicure a fresh new update. Gorgeous candy hues are having a big moment this summer.

Great news, girls: Our new „Candy Shop Collection“ is here to make your mani pop! From abstract and bold nail wraps to cute pastels and show-stopping ombré nail looks – eight gorgeous new designs infuse summery candy colors into your seasonal beauty look.

However the weather turns out this summer – the „Candy Shop Collection“ will make you feel sunny all season long. Keep up the good vibes, Ladies! Ready to check out the new collection and give your manicure a sweet update? Here you go.


Sweet Cupcake – glam up your manicure

Pink is your go-to color when sun’s out? Why opt for just one shade of pink when you can wear several at the same time and even add a glorious sprinkle of gold to your manicure? „Sweet Cupcake“ is probably the most glamorous take on the classic marble nail look. This fancy design looks extra luxe and instantly elevates your summer wardrobe. Edgy, feminine, effortlessly chic and oh so glamorous – „Sweet Cupcake“ offers your nails a welcome dose of glamour.


Lollipop – sweeter than sweet 

What we love about gradient nail art? It looks gorgeous and is an incredibly versatile trend. From subtle to bold – there are so many colors and possibilities to wear this pretty nail look. Our cheerful new ombré design „Lollipop“ will bring a smile to your face. The cute nail wraps add the perfect amount of pop to your summer mani. This social media-approved style gives your beauty look a fresh update. Feel free to experiment with colors and designs and pair this cutie with a monochrome design like our lovely design „Love Notes“.


Ice Cream – abstract and bold

Are you looking for a fun mani that makes your fingertips stand out and flatters your sun-kissed tan? „Ice Cream“ will jazz up your nail game! Bold summer hues and a touch of silver turn your mani into a modern work of art. Not ready for a full set? No problem, just mix & match „Ice Cream“ with your favorite go-to nail look and create your personalized summer mani. Ready to show off those flawless nails?


Mint Babyboomer  – stay cool

Splish, splash, grab your towel and sunscreen and enjoy some serious pool vibes with our brand new summer look „Mint Babyboomer“. This ombré design is the perfect choice to add a refreshing vibe to your beauty look. Staying cool in the heat probably never looked so good! You love to experiment with your manicure? What better way to create a unique look than with a cute mix & match-mani. Not sure about you, but we think „Pink Donut“ goes great with this cool kid.


Candy Shop – hola, tropical vibes

For a good reason, beautiful ombré nails are still one of the hottest mani trends of the season. With its vibrant colors, „Candy Shop“ literally screams‚ summertime‘! We don’t know about you, but when we look at this striking ombré nail look, we see ourselves lounging poolside and working heavily on that summer tan. Can you feel those tropical vibes? A summery beauty statement that will turn heads! Cheers, Chicas!


Bubblegum – pretty like the summer sky

Pastels are not going anywhere this summer. „Bubblegum“ is inspired by the summer sky at sunrise and sunset. The soft hues promote tranquility and inner peace. This dreamy nail look will make you gently drift away. When „sky is the limit“ is your motto in life, then this pretty and super feminine design is for you. For a more subtle manicure, pair „Bubblegum“ with a monochrome look. How about „Make Me Blush“?


Pink Donut – cutest ombré nails

You love to express your personal style through your manicure but your nail look must be office-friendly? „Pink Donut“ is for you! When „Nude Babyboomer“ is your favorite design, you will love this cute take on the classic nude-ombré-trend. Whether you’re busy at work or busy working on your summer tan – these lovely gradient pink nail wraps are a great choice for summer. Use our „matte“ Top Coat for a cool twist.


Strawberry Cheesecake – zero calories, 100% style

2020 was a tough year. Celebrate summer ’21 in style and upgrade your mani this season with dazzling nail art. The marble-inspired nail wraps „Strawberry Cheesecake“ will make your nail look stand out without looking overwhelming – just what you need to get the summer party started! Whoop, whoop, it sure feels like summer with these elevated nail wraps on your fingertips.



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We keep our fingers crossed for you!

  • B
    barbara nijman on 20.07.2021

    pink donut and bubblegum are so beautifull <3

  • M
    Melanie Sponner on 04.07.2021

    Ich finde alle toll schöne Farben

  • M
    Marina on 28.06.2021

    Ich finde Strawberry Cheesecake und Mind Babyboomer richtig toll😍 Tragen würde ich natürlich alle, da alle Folien sehr schön sind.🤗

  • S
    Sonja Neumann on 28.06.2021

    Ice Cream und Strawberry Cheescake sind einfach schön und machen Sommerlaune

  • D
    Doris on 28.06.2021

    Ich liebe Mint Babyboomer 😍😍 das erinnert mich an Urlaub und Meer 🥰

  • L
    Lisa Tiefenbacher on 28.06.2021

    Sweet Cupcake 🥰😍

  • L
    Lisa Tiefenbacher on 28.06.2021

    Sweet Cupcake 🥰😍

  • J
    Jeannette on 28.06.2021

    Ich finde Candy Shop und Pink Donut mega toll 😍🥰

  • A
    Anja on 28.06.2021

    Oh mein Gott, dieses Mal kann ich mich wirklich nicht entscheiden!!!😲 Wenn ich dieses Set nicht gewinne muss ich es kaufen! Alle Designs sind der Hammer!😍🍹

  • Y
    Yvonne on 28.06.2021

    Meine Favoriten sind Mint Babyboomer und 🍭

  • C
    Christina Fielhauer on 28.06.2021

    Ice cream ist mein absoluter Favorit 😍

  • A
    Alexandra on 28.06.2021

    Oh wow! Was für eine Kollektion. Mir gefällt wirklich jedes einzelne Design. Dennoch ist mein Favorit Pink Donut. :-)

  • M
    marion on 28.06.2021

    Sweet Cupcake 😍🧁

  • R
    renata on 28.06.2021

    Mint Babyboomer! The kind of vibe needed in this sticky summer heat

  • R
    Ronja Sophie on 28.06.2021

    Strawberry Cheesecake! 😍😍

  • L
    Linda on 28.06.2021

    Candy shop, ice cream, bubblegum

  • L
    Lisa on 28.06.2021

    Strawberry Cheesecake 💕

  • K
    Katja Gmeiner on 28.06.2021

    Ich finde Bubblegum und Lollipop wunderschön 😍 sind wirklich tolle Sommerdesigns ❤️

  • J
    Janika on 28.06.2021

    Meine Lieblinge sind definitiv Strawberry Cheesecake und Bubblegum 😍🍭🍬🍰

  • C
    Claudia on 28.06.2021

    Ich finde sie alle mega, aber besonders mint babyboomer und lollipop🥰🤩🥰 danke dass es euch gibt!!!😘😘😘

  • T
    Talena on 28.06.2021

    Strawberry Cheesecake ist mein Favorit 😍

  • J
    Judith on 28.06.2021

    Ich finde Ombré-Looks eh sehr toll, von daher kann ich mich bei der Collection fast gar nicht entscheiden. Vielleicht liegen Candy Shop und Lollipop leicht vorne auf meiner Favoritenliste 😊

  • F
    Farina on 28.06.2021

    Mint Babyboomer und Sweet Cupcake sind meine Lieblinge :)

  • S
    Sandra on 28.06.2021

    Mit gefallen diesmal wirklich alle🙈
    Ice cream und lollipop si d meine Favoriten

  • N
    Novella Semplici on 28.06.2021

    Strawberry Cheesecake is gorgeous!