Beauty Horoscope Leo



Those who were born under the zodiac sign Leo celebrate their birthday between July 23rd and August 23rd. Wild it could become, the birthday celebration, because many Leos fulfill the cliché of the self-confident alpha with lots of spunk and energy.


Who would be surprised? After all, the sun is the planet that rules the zodiac sign and fire is its element—and anyone who was born in the warmest months of the year might also have inherited quite an amount of this fiery energy.



Zodiac sign Leo – character and traits 


The Lion is considered the undisputed king of the animal kingdom. He doesn't have to guard his reputation with his paws. Rather, he gains prestige and hearing with his impressive presence and sometimes even loudly. Hear me roar! Yes, a Leo enjoys standing in the spotlight and he enjoys being surrounded by his pack of admirers. 

These followers find Leo-born effortless. Often people with this zodiac sign are surrounded by a charismatic aura, which others find difficult to withdraw from. And when the Leo wants something, he also puts in a lot of effort to get his prey.


Despite its fearless nature, a lion also carries a huge heart in its chest. Their temper is considered to be well-balanced, justice-loving and kind. A single snarl is enough, that's all a lion usually has to say to send out a strong message. A Leo does not want to get stressed out. Rather, they enjoy the good life they have built up so independently. 



What colors suit the zodiac sign?


Fire, sun, savannah – of course, warm colors like red, orange and the earth colors ocher match the zodiac sign Leo particularly well. These shades reflect the often energetic nature of the zodiac sign and put the lion in the spotlight. In terms of styling, the motto "look at me" fits this zodiac sign down to the smallest detail. Whether red lipstick, a warm bronzer, eye shadow in earthy hues or bold red nails and an alluring red outfit – many Leo ladies feel particularly comfortable as the "Lady in Red".




Red Nail Wraps for Leo Ladies




Our Nail Wraps for pedicure "Lipstick Red" particularly flatter the fire sign. "I see red" has possibly never looked so sexy on the feet. The crisp shade of red goes amazingly well with either a light, medium or dark complexion. In summer, the radiant color boosts the sexy summer glow. With lovely gold accessories like delicate anklets, a matching lipstick and a hint of mascara and shimmering highlighter, the beauty look is complete.


The Nail Wraps "Too Hot For You" provide a spicy mani. The red Nail Wraps have an orange undertone and flatter sun-kissed skin. With bronzer, the sun-kissed complexion looks even more summery - and the Nail Wraps appear even more eye-catching with a transparent overlay like "Golden Dust". 


Nail Wraps "Hot Stuff" – glamorous red nails with a modern twist



A red sparkle on the fingertips, that's it. And yet our Nail Wraps "Hot Stuff" make for real wow nails! The semi-transparent nail look can be worn solo or as an overlay over solid Nail Wraps in a darker or lighter tone. This glam look also works perfectly as an accent nail. Well, sometimes less is more. And when a Leo or Leo lady wears something, it stands out anyway. We all know that. Happy Birthday, Leo Darlings!