Boho Nails for Boho Beauties


If you love to get inspired by the cool outfits of the 70s for your own styling, you certainly know what makes an authentic boho look. Colorful prints and flowy fabrics, loose-fitting maxi dresses and airy scarves, lots of jewelry, knitted tops, feathers and pretty ethnic accessories like crocheted bags. Of course, probably the most important accessory should not be missing: a stylish hat with a wide brim.

Boho chic – hippie look with a bohemian twist

The Boho Chic once arose from various influences. It was significantly influenced by the style of hippies and bohemians – young intellectuals and artists who settled in big cities like Paris in the 19th century and wanted to live their lives freely, detached from the expectations of others.


Even today, the Boho Chic continues to fill the pages of fashion magazines and fashion blogs. Especially during the festival season, the style is extremely popular. Probably because it resonates with that sense of freedom and rebellion that fueled hippies and bohemians back in the days. And what better place to escape reality for a few hours than at a Festival among like-minded people? Just let your mind wander, dance as if there was no tomorrow and let the euphoria of the moment take over.

Nail Wraps for Boho-Beauties

A natural make-up and a matching manicure round off the boho look perfectly. We have picked out the most beautiful Nail Wraps for you to match the fashion trend. Voilà!

Nail Wraps "Glamorous Granite"

Our Nail Wraps "Glamorous Granite" are reminiscent of artistic batik fabrics which boho queens and kings love to wrap themselves in. The golden metallic details give this nail design a particularly sophisticated touch – matching the many pieces of gold jewelry that are often worn to match boho-chic outfits. Add a dramatically curved black eyeliner, slip into your cool ankle boots and your 70s-style summer look is complete.

Boho Tattoos to stick on

Speaking of gold: Do you already know our stylish tattoos to stick on? Pretty motifs like arrows, the infinity symbol or little stars give your summer outfit that extra something. However, our stick-on tattoos are in high demand, so you'll have to hurry if you want to grab a set in the shop. 

Nail Wraps "Aubergine Purple" 

Our Nail Wraps "Aubergine Purple" look extra fancy when worn with batik fabrics, velvet dresses or flared pants and straw hats. With their rich plum nuances and a touch of gold, these Nail Wraps are a true show-stopper for any boho look. Here, a touch of Woodstock clearly swings along.

Nail Wraps "Boho Chic"

If we're talking about a manicure to match a boho outfit, these beauties of course can't be missing: the Nail Wraps "Boho-Chic" really live up to their name. The transparent design reminds us of a skillfully tied macramé. It looks beautiful on the natural nail, but also as an overlay over solid colored Nail Wraps.



Nail Wraps "Fall In Love"


Last but not least, we would like to warmly recommend our gorgeous Nail Wraps "Fall In Love" to all you lovely boho-beauties. This pretty nail look is another transparent design from our range and makes a great option as a full set, as an accent nail or as an overlay. The shimmering botanical details make these Nail Wraps a wonderful beauty accessory for all those who love the chic of the 70’s and dream of Van Life, Surf Camps, Festivals and freedom. Never stop dreaming!


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